“The founder of our company invented vertical sawing technology. Our market partners are therefore justified in expecting more from us. With the new STRIEBIG 4D, we have created a new performance spectrum for vertical panel cutting technology,” explains Striebig Managing Director Marcel Brunner at the Ligna in Hanover. The 4D high-tech sawing centre sets a new standard with continuous cutting and effortless 1-person operation.

With the fully-automatic PAV panel lowering device, the PPS programmable panel feeder and the POP panel optimisation programme, the saw boasts unique equipment options. The POP is fully-integrated into the saw’s control system and guarantees an optimum sawing procedure and the best possible material utilisation. Interfaces to standard PPS and AV systems can be adapted individually to the saw’s POP.

The PAV and the PPS increase the efficiency and productivity of the saw. The coated clamping fixtures on the panel lowering device (PAV) hold the workpiece firmly at the upper edge. Each clamp holds up to 130kg; heavy panels therefore do not present any problems. The bottom trimming cut and strip cutting work are performed with no effort needed from the operator.

The PPS unit (programmable panel feeder) ensures that the panels are transported fully-automatically, efficiently and horizontally through the 4D. The panel is placed securely on the roller support. The special clamp of the PPS unit grips the panel, positions it with 1/10mm precision and cuts – done! All the operator has to do is remove the cut workpiece and stack it.

A 4D can never be an “off-the-shelf” saw. With its extensive range of basic equipment and comprehensive enhancement options it is the vertical panel saw that significantly improves the cutting process. Important factors are expert consultation and adapting the equipment in line with the operational requirements in the best possible way. Internally and with its sales partners, Striebig is focussing on customizing – sawing solutions that are up to 100% tailor-made.

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