Stewart Fortune, Mark Wagoner and Jeff Linn announce the formation of PIX-US, a partnership with Set Visions PIX of Bradford, UK, that will immediately begin production of high-end CGI (computer generated images) for marketing and advertising. Based in Greensboro, NC, PIX-US uses specialty technologies to create client imagery that goes beyond traditional photography. They expect to employ a staff of 6-10 digital artists by the end of their first year of operation.

With clients in the home fashions, furnishings, and building products industries, among others, PIX-US uses existing 2D and 3D image files, sketches or engineering drawings to offer clients imagery that allows marketing and advertising materials to be created quickly, even while products are still in development. Digital environments don’t require real building materials making the PIX-US process green and environmentally friendly, especially when compared to traditional photographic methods.

PIX-US is partnered with Set Visions PIX in Bradford, UK. By using the technical processes mastered in the UK, PIX-US will create new work in the United States for North American clients.

“There’s a strong tradition of image creation in the Triad,” said Managing Director Fortune. “PIX-US is the evolution of that, eliminating the need to wait for prototypes and the waste associated with traditional set building.”

Founding partners Fortune, Wagoner and Linn have a combined 50 years plus of experience in all aspects of commercial imaging from the creative to the practical.

Creative Director Mark Wagoner brings over 30 years of experience as a business owner in the visual field. As owner of Mark Wagoner Productions, Wagoner has produced award-winning still photography and video productions from his Greensboro, NC studio. His vision will shape the overall look and feel of projects for PIX-US, bringing traditional photographic aesthetics to the CGI products and environments.

Jeff Linn, a graduate of The University of North Carolina at Greensboro’s Interior Architecture program will serve as Director of Production. As leader of the assembly team, his design and virtual construction experience are integral to the creation of the imagery. Jeff brings experience and understanding of traditional architectural design that fortifies the realism of PIX-US’ imagery.

Managing Director Stewart Fortune assumes primary responsibility for sales, management and communications for PIX-US. Fortune has experience creating and managing successful imaging output departments within large photographic studios as well as heading IT departments. His combined experiences in technologies and business operation make support and management tasks routine.

Source: PIX-US

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