BOGOTA, NJ — And let there be light… in your closet! With the ever increasing emphasis of the important role closets have come to play in our everyday lives, it is no wonder that yesteryear’s pull string operated bare incandescent bulb closet lighting no longer suffices in today’s closets. The modern closet has evolved with the introduction and incorporation of many smart hideaway storage and organizational accessory components, and has been designed to help you beat the confinement of your space limitations by enabling you to take full advantage of every “nook and cranny” of your closet. Needless to say, optimal lighting is an absolute necessity.

Outwater’s (Outwater Plastics Industries, Inc. + Architectural Products by Outwater, LLC) new LED Closet Rod Lighting Kit will conveniently and unobtrusively illuminate your closet, your clothing and other belongings as never before. Designed to be utilized in new or existing residential or commercial closets and storage locations, Outwater’s LED Closet Rod Lighting Kit is offered in clear anodized aluminum in 3-ft., 4-ft. and 5-ft. lengths that are trimmable in 2-in. increments to ensure a truly customized, perfect fit in any closet.

Outwater’s LED Closet Rod Lighting Kit comes complete with everything needed for installation including a standard oval closet rod, a ribbon flex lighting strip and two mounting brackets. Optional complementary power supplies, an on/off switch and an available infrared motion door sensor that automatically turns the LED Closet Rod Light on and off enable further customization. 

Offered in cool white (6,500K) with an evenly dispersed 120º broad spectrum linear LED beam spread, which is rated for 50,000 hours usage, Outwater’s LED Closet Rod Lighting Kit generously radiates its light to the farthest outreaches of your closet, producing high lumen output with a coloring rendering index of 75 to ensure that your clothing and other stored wares are always well illuminated and easy to find.

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Source: Outwater Plastics Industries, Inc.

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