Ottobeuren, Germany - The machinery manufacturer from Ottobeuren, Germany has every reason to be proud; they are celebrating their 90th anniversary! For more than 90 years now the name ‘’MARTIN’’ has stood for the most high-end woodworking machinery available. What Otto Martin started in 1922 with solid and basic machinery has become the present day industry standard for quality and functionality in the woodworking machinery sector. For its 90th anniversary year of 2012, the company once again shows its innovative drive by launching three new sliding table saws at the HOLZ-HANDWERK trade fair in Nuremberg.

MARTIN combines high-quality manufacturing, materials and userfriendly operating concepts with cutting-edge performance, maximum precision and long life. By rounding out its product line with the new T60A, T65 and T70 sliding table saws and presenting them at HOLZ-HANDWERK 2012, MARTIN now offers machines to newcomers as well as established companies in the woodworking arena. “We want to offer individual machines for individual needs”, comments marketing director Michael Mühldorfer. “And of course we also offer a wide range of different options for customers’ individual needs.”

The MARTIN sliding table saw range is comprised of four sturdy workhorse machines, starting with the high-end T75 PreX that was successfully launched in 2010.

Our flagship saw, the T75 PreX has revolutionized industry standards in terms of performance and flexibility. With a cutting height of 204 mm and a tilting range of 2 x 46°, woodworkers are enthusiastic about the opportunities that this machine has to offer.

“The new T70 sliding table saw is built on maximum performance and long life”, says Mühldorfer. With a 550 mm saw blade diameter, it produces a massive cutting height of 204 mm and a tilting angle of 0° to 46°. The core of the new T70 is its powerful and user friendly touch screen controller with a 10.4” monitor. Even the most basic T70 comes equipped with a standard 3-axis scoring saw system for cutting height, angle and width. The machine can be further equipped with a motorized cross-cut fence as well as a cross-cut table integrated in the controller.

The solid and heavy concrete composite reinforced machine frame, the highly-ribbed cast iron machine table and the reliable hardened steel sliding table guide system are only a few examples of MARTIN’s superior machine construction. The T70 also offers modern controller technology for those who demand cutting-edge performance for the long term.

The T65 sliding table saw newly defines the premium entry-level class saw. The machine’s cutting-edge controller is integrated in the machine frame. The innovative control structure speeds up work and leads to more intuitive understanding of the machine’s function by the operator. Sturdy mechanical design and sophisticated controller technology perfectly complement each other. With a T65 you get full support from the office as cutting lists can be compiled on an office computer and can then be downloaded to the saw with a USB stick. On closer examination you will note, that the major mechanical components, such as the solid and heavy composite machine frame, the machine table and the sawing aggregate, are identical on the T65 and T70 saws. You can find a whole variety of new, clever and high-quality solutions on both machines that can be seen as an interface between premium and premium entry-level class saws. One example of this is the rotational speed change that can be performed quickly and easily with the removal of the saw blade and a belt/pulley change through an opening in the cast iron trunnion. Another example is the new 3- axis scoring unit that can be removed within seconds.

These two machines are tailor made to the individual needs of the woodworker. Premium mechanical engineering is what both machines have in common. What differentiates them from each other are the different approaches to the electronic user support. The T60A premium entry level class saw rounds out the MARTIN saw line. The machine controls that are focused on the essentials still offer everything necessary for a premium entry-level class saw. Cutting height and angle are adjusted electrically via push-button while the cutting angle is displayed digitally. According to Mühldorfer, the T60A is the perfect introduction into the world of premium entry-level class saws as it strikes the ideal balance between price and performance. All key components are built on maximum precision and long life like you would expect a MARTIN machine to be. The standard fine adjustment of the cross-cut stops and rip fence further solidifies MARTIN’s commitment to offering the customer more.

Source: Otto Martin Maschinenbau GmbH

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