Bloomington, IN  -- Organized Living, formerly known as SCHULTE, has launched an all new employee wellness program in collaboration with Anthem. The program supports workplace health promotion and prevention for more than 70 Organized Living employees.

“Our goal is to improve the health and well-being of our employees so they can lead productive lives well into their retirement years,” explains Patrick Taylor, vice president of operations for Organized Living. “The new wellness program makes it easier for them to make healthier lifestyle choices. Whether it’s eating better meals, exercising more or making their work environment safer, we’re committed to raising the bar for good health.”

The new wellness program benefits existing and future Organized Living employees.

1. Employees can receive up to a 40 percent discount on insurance premiums simply by getting an annual physical and for not smoking.

2. Free smoking cessation classes are conducted on a regular basis by trained health professionals.

3. A new walking trail is open on the property to promote Organized Living’s 10,000 Steps a Day initiative. Employees are encouraged to walk the trail daily and log their laps to help them stay motivated.

4. On-premise snack machines are stocked with healthy snack alternatives.

5. Pedometers are available to record walking distances in the Organized Living manufacturing plant that totals 639, 000 square feet.

6. A program is in place to preform ergonomic work center assessments to reduce repetitive motions, unnecessary movements and heavy lifting.

7. Training sessions are available for employees to learn how to reduce their medical and prescription costs.

8. Organized Living works with Anthem to also offer online training to receive health assessment reviews, access to online health coaches, procedure estimates, plus discounts on products and services.

Organized Living is now hiring and offers the chance to start and grow in an organization with more than 95 years of experience manufacturing products for the home. Organized Living offers positions with competitive salary and benefits package, along with a company culture that is exciting, results driven, open-minded and caring.

To apply to work, visit the Organized Living manufacturing plant located at 1500 Strong Drive in Bloomington, Indiana between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday to complete an application. Or, send your resume or request an application by emailing careers(at)OrganizedLiving(dot)com.

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