The SmartSaws Optimizer Retrofit from Tisfoon Ulterior Systems is shown here on a GreCon Dimter saw.
The SmartSaws Optimizer Retrofit from Tisfoon Ulterior Systems is shown here on a GreCon Dimter saw.

CARY, NC - All manufacturers seek faster production speeds with greater yield. But, in today’s marketplace, it’s not always feasible to replace legacy equipment, particularly when it’s mechanically sound. Now, for plants running older cut-off saws, greater speed and higher yield is within reach.

The SmartSaws Optimizer Retrofit (OR) assures more accurate sorting, typically increases run speed by at least 20%, and increases yield by approximately 5% - depending on cutbills - over the OEM control.

The SmartSaws OR is offered by Tisfoon Ulterior Systems, specialists in optimizing throughput and yield for rip and cross-cut saws.

The increases in production speed and yield improvements mean that the SmartSaws OR typically pays for itself in 9 to 18 months.

SmartSaws OR is also compatible with existing scanning systems from Tisfoon, WoodEye, Luxscan, Lucidyne and others.

Superior yield improvements are realized by advanced SmartSaws OR optimization engine. The software establishes superior search parameters, better grade merging, and production-based optimization. With production-based optimization, cut values are adjusted on the fly to meet output requirements.

Production is further enhanced by the robust industrial control system which improves feed lineacceleration and accuracy. Saw stroke speed is also greatly increased. The entire system is run by user-friendly, intuitive software utilizing an industrial-strength touchscreen monitor for quick adjustments in production parameters.

Learn more about the SmartSaws OR system at the Tisfoon Ulterior Systems Booth #6076 during the International Woodworking Fair, August 22-25, Georgia World Congress Center, Atlanta, GA. For more information call 919-677-3060 or visit

Source: Tisfoon Ulterior Systems

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