CHICAGO - At the TMC Expo (Technology and Maintenance Council 2012 Annual Meeting and Exhibition) held in Tampa last month, Daubert Chemical unveiled a group of videos showcasing the company’s work within the transportation industry.

The “Daubert Transportation Industry Tour” (type “Daubert Chemical Channel” in Google) includes quick snippets of some of their customers attesting to the value of Daubert products in their operations. A host of products made up the presentation, but without question, what most impressed viewers was the extent of “application level” know how that exists on the part of Daubert’s professional salespeople. For example, the title of the video is “We’ll Watch Your Steps,” and that is just what Daubert’s salespeople do to help customers with formulations to meet their express application needs.

Products showcased in the video included (1) Tectyl® 6430 (a water-based asphaltic undercoating used by a major bus manufacturer); (2) Tectyl® 3335, a specially formulated undercoating used on an e-coated substrate under demanding application conditions; (3) Tectyl® 2102, an easy-to-spray undercoating used by major truck fleets; (4) two products used by suppliers to the trailer manufacturing industry for pre-coating trailer wood flooring, as well as trailer I-beams – a concept which Daubert originated; (5) Daubond® PUR, Daubert’s hot melt polyurethane adhesive used in lamination and assembly of such products as bus and trailer bodies; and (6) V-Damp®, which is Daubert’s liquid applied sound deadener used extensively in the rail transportation industry (primarily within the interior of passenger rail cars), but with many other potential applications.

In addition to rep know-how, one of the customers (Dave Van Hoose, of Dave’s Truck and Auto Paint) spoke about his use of Tectyl® 2102 as an undercoating for trucks and trailers – and the ease by which it allows third party applicators such as himself to “open for business.” In Dave’s own words, “this industry is going to grow. With the chemicals they’re putting on the road now, for snow removal ... there’s not that many people putting this product on and for a minimal investment of just a nice pump, you can be spraying this product. You can expand your business pretty quickly with this.”

Daubert Channel on YouTube

 The “Transportation Industry Tour” is Daubert’s first formal entry in its newly established “Daubert Channel” on YouTube. Six other videos are also shown there, giving viewers a little more detail on each of the products just mentioned. For examples of how Daubert looks at all phases of the customer application, please check out “Daubert Transportation Industry Tour” on YouTube. Just type “Daubert Chemical’s Channel” into your Google search box and see the result. Or, if you’re viewing this release online, click on the following link:

We know you’ll have a good feel for the level of professionalism and industry knowledge Daubert representatives bring to the table. You might just be entertained a bit while you watch.

In the coming months, Daubert will also be presenting a series of videos on their adhesive products. Doubtless, the Daubert rep will continue to be the star of that show as well. This too will be posted on Daubert Chemical’s Channel.

Source: Daubert Chemical Company Inc.

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