Surface design trends are diverse. Taking an example from nature, designers always develop new ideas regarding a pleasant and warm feel, texture and structure with the same high quality requirements on surface quality. Materials such as cork or wood exhibit these attributes and offer noticeable pore structures.

In order to meet these requirements, the KLEIBERIT HotCoating® process was further developed and offers modification possibilities in the same step – super matte or high gloss at the push of a button.

Now at the Push of a Button – Super Matte Surfaces or High GlossAn intelligent chemical/physical system, the excimer technology, was integrated in the HotCoating multifunction line. The result: surfaces can go from high gloss (>90 GU) to super matte (>5 GU) at the push of a button. And that with the same quality concerning abrasion, scratch and shock resistance. The highly flexible HotCoating film allows for interesting three dimensional textures with simple embossing calendar technology.

Source: KLEIBERIT Adhesives, AWFS 2013


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