LOS ANGELES - Nova LifeStyle, Inc. (NASDAQ-GM: NVFY), a U.S.-based fast-growing, innovative designer, manufacturer and distributor of modern LifeStyle furniture, today announced the successful development of a new, health-oriented, product line called Smart Health Furniture, that offers the ability to monitor, record and deliver user data to key medical care providers.

"We are very excited to have developed a ground-breaking new line of furniture that will be able to automatically examine a person's blood pressure, heart rate, breathing, weight, body temperature, sleep quality, and other physiological indexes while he or she rests," stated Jeffery Wong, CEO of Nova LifeStyle, Inc. "The Smart Health Furniture line will also make the vital data that is collected available to designated medical professionals to quickly detect any possible health issues, thus putting the focus on overall health improvement and medical cost efficiencies."

"We have extensively researched the trends in the health industry and wanted to capitalize on these trends by creating a new product line that is health-oriented," commented Shawn Huang, Chief Engineer for the Company. "Nova assembled a team of internationally-renowned experts in the fields of medical science, materials, and electronic science to work on R&D of this line of products over the past two years. Additionally, we are vigorously registering the associated patents for the technology that we have developed through the R&D process.

"Through a state-of-the-art comprehensive intelligent control and management system, the Smart Health Furniture product line aims to add to the enhancement of home-life to include better health as part of the LifeStyle comforts," he added.

"We believe that the Smart Health Furniture line will continue to create growth opportunities for Nova and provide value for the Company, our shareholders and the future customers of these products," commented Tawny Lam, President of Nova LifeStyle. "We look forward to providing updates on this new initiative as we progress."

The Company is currently in discussions with several distributors in China, the United States and Europe.

About Nova LifeStyle, Inc.

Nova LifeStyle, Inc., a NASDAQ Global Markets Exchange listed company headquartered in California, is a fast growing, innovative designer, manufacturer and distributor of modern LifeStyle furniture; primarily sofas, dining rooms, cabinets, office furniture and related components, bedrooms, and various accessories in matching collections. Nova's products are made in the US, Europe, and Asia and include LifeStyle brands such as Diamond Sofa, Colorful World, Giorgio Mobili, Nova QwiK, and Bright Swallow International. Nova's products feature urban contemporary styles that integrate comfort and functionality incorporating upscale luxury designs appealing to LifeStyle-conscious middle and upper middle-income consumers in the U.S., China, Europe, and elsewhere in the world. To learn more about Nova LifeStyle, Inc., please visit our website at www.NovaLifeStyle.com or download the NVFY IRapp from the investor page.

Source: Nova LifeStyle, Inc.

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