MANITOWOC, WI - NIAGARA Worldwide LLC is halfway through the process of reclaiming over 2 million board feet of 100 year old Northern Hemlock from the former Mirro Factory in Manitowoc, Wisconsin. The Hemlock from the factory was recovered from 750,00 square feet of the factory floor and is being used in everything from flooring and architectural details to high end furniture. Each 2”x6” board stood on it’s 2” side and was butted together to form the 6” thick factory floor. There are three distinct character sides to the reclaimed Hemlock. The ceiling of the factory was the exposed underside of the flooring above with a 100 year old weathered coat of white non-lead based paint. One side of the 6” dimension captured the overspray of white paint from the 2” “ceiling” side. The other 6” and 2” sides have a more conventional weathered board look and appeal. The Hemlock can be re milled, giving it entirely new surfaces and exposing grain that is far tighter and clearer than that of recently harvested wood, however, the unique patina—the nail holes, dings and coloration produced by use and exposure—is the real attraction.

Steven Garner, Business Manager for CENTER St. Louis was able to have one-of-a-kind pub tables constructed from 100% reclaimed Hemlock. The weathered paint from the factory ceiling side of the board created the top of each table. The surface was first sealed then covered by a sheet of glass for durability and ease of cleaning.

In recent years there has there been a significant demand for reclaimed lumber in high-end residential and commercial construction. In addition to the look and feel of reclaimed wood, LEED Credits have become highly prized by developers looking for LEED Certification. Reclaimed lumber can offer up to three LEED Points based on Recycled Content, Regional Materials and FSC Certified Wood.

The story behind the reclaimed former Mirro Factory lumber has driven much of the interest and popularity. “The history of the material is very important to my customers,” says Jim Moriarity, Project Manager for Niagara Worldwide. “The old wood is beautiful and the stories about where it came from and how it was used add a whole new level of interest.” Newell Rubermaid stopped the manufacture of cookware and bakeware products at the factory in 2003 and sold the 3.8 acre site in 2004 to a local businessman. Niagara Worldwide purchased the facility in June 2006 after a number of previous owners were unable to redevelop the site.

NIAGARA Worldwide LLC continues to focus on its seven other current developments across the United States and Europe, NIAGARA Worldwide LLC is re-purposing Manufacturing Facilities, BioFuels and Biomass Power Plants, as well as managing over 2 million square feet of warehouse and office space. NIAGARA Worldwide LLC acquires, manages, markets and sells for final disposition idle industrial property and assets around the world for its own account and for the benefit of other international companies

Source: NIAGARA Worldwide

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