SALT LAKE CITY, UT – NewLook International has introduced a wood stain with advanced infrared reflective technology.

The product, NewDeck with CoolStain technology, reduces the surface temperature of treated surfaces by up to 40° F (4.4° C).

NewLook International, founded in 1989, has since specialized in innovative and environmentally friendly, decorative concrete products. The technology of NewLook’s concrete CoolStain has been formulated to now be able to enhance wood surfaces. This new product coincides with NewLook’s mission to manufacturing sustainable product solutions while minimizing their environmental footprint.

NewDeck’s environmentally friendly solution makes decks more comfortable to walk on, protects fences from the harsh infrared rays of the sun and helps reduce energy consumption when used on shake roofs or wood siding. NewDeck can be used to restore the finish and reduce the surface temperature of wood and composite surfaces, such as decks, railings, shakes, shingles, siding, roofs, fences and wood patio furniture.

“What makes NewDeck so valuable is the patent pending, water-based formula that includes water-repelling sealer technology,” noted NewLook’s Vice President, Jacob Webb. “This creates a long-lasting finish that will resist mold, mildew and fungus while presenting a rich, gorgeous, natural-looking finish.”

NewDeck is easy to apply. The surface must be dry and clean before staining. The wood surface should be sanded or pressure washed in the direction of the grain prior to the application of NewDeck. Once the wood is dry, it is recommended to test the stain on a small area before beginning, to verify desired color and opacity. NewDeck may be diluted with water to achieve a desired transparency. The recommended mix for a translucent finish is 1:1. After shaking the can well, be sure to stir the stain thoroughly before and during use.

NewLook has begun to aggressively expand its product range; NewDeck is one of the many solutions NewLook intends to unveil before the end of 2012.

"Our distribution strategy has always been to offer quality products through a variety of channels," said Webb. "NewDeck just happens to flow through a mass merchandising channel, which includes both national retail and online partners."

However, not all NewLook products are sold direct. Webb said, "We have reserved a range of popular solutions for our regional dealers and distributors. So if contractors want our award-winning Solid Color Stain, for example, they'll need to continue to buy that from their local specialty concrete reseller."

NewDeck will cover approximately 75 – 125 square feet per quart and should be applied in the direction of the grain with a brush, sprayer or clean cloth. The more time the stain is allowed to penetrate, the richer the color will be. For a darker color, a second coat may be applied after the first coat is dry to the touch.

NewDeck comes in a one quart can in six different colors: Redwood, SummerWood, Golden Cedar, Tabitha Gray, Black Walnut and Birch.

Source: NewLook International

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