PRINCETON, WV -- The Wood Education and Resource Center (WERC) in Princeton, WV is hosting a one-day workshop aimed at supporting small businesses that produce cabinets, furniture and millwork wood products to discuss new technologies and how to implement them to support efforts that will grow sales and profitability. This workshop will take place on May 3rd, 2012 and will be held at the Wood Education and Resource Center at Princeton, WV.

The workshop is aimed at small shops that are looking for new profitable business strategies that will lead to technology improvements that will lead to business success in the current challenging economic times. There will be discussions of new technology in the areas of lumber drying, lumber cutup, machining, tooling, sanding, assembly, finishing and packing. Also will be discussed new technologies for support operations, including 3-D modeling and product engineering. We are inviting vendors to the workshop to discuss their latest new technologies.

The workshop will seek to present the latest new technology ideas that can help wood products manufacturers make products in the US using US lumber and plywood and keep U.S. manufacturers competitive with global competitors. The workshop will be supported by a workshop notebook that includes printed materials supporting the discussions. Also included will be information on changes in lumber and plywood that can offer additional business advantages.

The workshop is co-sponsored by the Wood Education and Resource Center, WoodShop News Magazine and North Carolina State University. For more information contact Harry Watt, email, , telephone 704-880-5034. Additional information can be found at

Source: Wood Education and Resource Center

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