Ann Arbor, MI - Many remodeling projects require an additional bathroom. With Thetford Corporation's Bathroom Anywhere Pro, homeowners can add the comforts of a toilet, sink and shower/bathtub virtually anywhere gravity-reliant plumbing is not fully available.

New System Helps Home Owners Install a Bathroom AnywhereSaving owners time and money, Bathroom Anywhere Pro is faster, easier and less expensive to install because there's no need to break concrete.

The waste transfer system features an ultra-quiet, clog-resistant design. It comes with a powerful .8hp centrifugal pump, toilet bowl and toilet tank. In just three seconds, it pumps disintegrated waste up to 20' vertical rise and 175' horizontal run to the main sewer line. The unit can also accept wastewater from sinks, shower/tubs or even a wet bar.

Easy to service, Bathroom Anywhere Pro's unique split design allows fast access to the pump impeller to clear obstructions. There's no need to disconnect plumbing lines or the toilet.

Incredibly safe and quiet, it offers built-in backflow prevention and overheating and circuit protection. The system and plumbing can be hidden, partially exposed or fully exposed, based on individual needs.

Perfect for basements, it's also great for loft conversions, en-suite bathrooms, elderly/disabled person facilities, beach houses, pool cabanas, garage conversions and slab floors. Thetford's Bathroom Anywhere Pro comes with an industry-leading, 4-year limited warranty.

Thetford, which is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, is the world's leading supplier of sanitation and refrigeration products for the RV, marine and heavy-duty truck industries. It is a privately-held company with eight manufacturing facilities in four nations.

Thetford subsidiaries include Norcold, America's leading maker of gas-absorption refrigerators and freezers for the RV, marine and truck markets; Tecma, a producer of fine-china toilets and powerful waste-transfer systems based in Italy; and Thetford UK, a unit in England that manufactures Spinflo-brand, high-quality cooking and heating appliances, as well as accessories.

Contact Thetford, 7101 Jackson Road, Ann Arbor, MI 48103. Toll-free 800-543-1219 or 734-769-6000; Fax: 734-769-2023.;

Source: Thethford

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