LaVergne, TN – JET’s new 15” Woodworking Lathe, available in a standard version (Model JWL-1015) and variable speed version (Model JWL-1015VS), provides optimum control, as well as positive-locking indexing. This sturdy, smooth-running 15” mini-lathe has the power, precision and versatility to turn out any number of projects, ranging from pens, bottle stoppers and drawer pulls to bowls, platters and chair spindles.

“Woodturning continues to be one of the fastest growing shop disciplines,” said Joan Duvall, JET’s Director of Product Development - Wood. “The new JET® 1015 is an ideal choice for the novice woodturner looking for an affordable, user-friendly first lathe, as well as the advanced enthusiast or professional who wants to add a full-featured mini-lathe to the shop.”

The new 15” lathe is powered by a 1/2 hp, single-phase, TEFC motor. The 4-amp, model JWL-1015VS delivers variable spindle speeds ranging from 200 to 3600 rpm. Three speed ranges are designed to perform different types of woodturning tasks. The slow speed range (200 to 1050 rpm) is best for detailed turnings, mid- range (300-1750 rpm) is great for sanding and finishing, and the high speed (600 to 3600) is intended for general woodturning.

Speed changes on the 5-amp model JWL-1015 are made by transferring the drive belt on stepped pulleys inside the headstock. The drive belt is de-tensioned by pulling up a lever located beneath the headstock. The hinged headstock cover and redesigned access door provide increased working space over most mini-lathes. The belt is switched manually to the pulley corresponding to one of six spindle speeds: 500, 840, 1240, 1800, 2630 or 3975 rpm. Then the cover is replaced and lever pressed back down to restore belt tension.

The lathe headstock features 24 integrated indexing positions, making it easy to cut evenly spaced features for fluting and veining applications.

A self-ejecting tailstock is provided for safe and easy removal of tooling. The hollow tailstock and removable tip on live center allows for boring through stock.

The lathe’s overall dimensions are 26” L x 7” W x 14” H. The JET 1015VS (variable-speed) model weighs 78 lbs. and the 1015 model weighs 73 lbs. The lathe has 15 ½” working distance between centers and a 10” swing over the bed. Its heavy-duty, cast iron bed, headstock and tailstock provide stability, while limiting vibration.

The bedway is precision-ground to allow smooth sliding of the tail stock and tool rest. A cam-lock mechanism allows tool-less adjustments of the tailstock and tool rest base. The lathe’s on/off switch is conveniently located directly beneath the tailstock.

Optional accessories include a lathe stand with height adjustments and wide feet for stability, 21” bed extension and extension stand.

The JET JWL-1015 and JWL-1015VS Woodworking Lathes are covered by a 5-year warranty, as well as JET RED AssuranceTM, the industry’s most dependable service and support guarantee.

The JET JWL-1015 Woodworking Lathe (719100, $479.99), JET JWL-1015VS Woodworking Lathe (719110, $579.99), JET JWL-1015 Bed Extension (719101, $129.99), JET JWL-1015 Stand (719102, $239.99) and JWL-1015 Stand Extension (719103, $99.99) are expected to be available in September. Visit for more information or to locate a dealer

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