Morrison, Tenn. – Accu-Router has redesigned the popular Roller Assist point-of-operation guard mounting to have a more robust mounting platform. This design was achieved working with the University of Tennessee senior Mechanical Engineering Capstone design class over the 2010/2011 academic year. This collaborative R&D project was established with the CIS extension outreach service at the University of Tennessee.

New Heavy-Duty Roller Guard MountsThe new guard mount utilizes a two piece clamshell machined steel sides that engulf the roller bearing hangers on each side of the machine. Once assembled, the guard mount is sturdy, robust, and with two flat surfaces. This mount lessens any exposure for the guard is be accidently removed due to impact.

The roller guard with reinforced lower belting does prevent a finger/body member from coming in contact with the front roller. The guard is attached to the mount with multiple high strength socket head cap screws.

Accu-Router designed the Roller Assist in late 1984. It was patented in the USA for 20 years beginning in September 1986. This option is of high value when machining panel material on an Accu-Router, either single or stacked. The Roller Assist eliminates machine set-up time associated with vacuum holddown systems and minimizes the effect of warped panels.

Source: Accu-Router, Inc.


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