Götzis, Germany - GRASS has set the stage for growth and has built a new logistics hall in Götzis. This new logistics hall is part of an extensive investment pro-gramme. GRASS-owner Würth has invested a three-digit million amount since the take-over in 2004, mainly for modernising the two Vorarlberg production sites at Höchst and Götzis. The new building in Götzis, with an investment volume of nearly six million euros, replaced the old dispatch hall and comprises a cutting-edge logistics hall including a high-bay warehouse. Using state-of-the-art technology, both internal logistics and distribution logistics have been improved. “The new hall is going to increase the efficiency in producing Dynapro, the innovative concealed sliding system from GRASS”, says CEO Ronald Weber.

Strong international demand for GRASS moving systems: Positive impetus in the new financial year

New GRASS Logistics Centre provides room for extended productionThe extension of production and storage facilities ensures that the in-creased demand can be met. Already the first three months of the year 2012 show a very positive development of the order situation. In partic-ular the U.S. business but also the German market is showing good signs. Ronald Weber says that “the long-term consequences of the Euro financial crisis will make 2012 a year of challenges – but also a year of great opportunities and accelerated growth.“ “We are intensifying our efforts on key markets and are focussing not only on the kitchen and furniture industries but are also turning our attention to expanding the trade sector. Last year we founded our own companies in Great Britain and Australia, which will bring us noticeable growth rates this year, and in Japan, too, we are well positioned on the market with our own col-leagues.”

Larger budget for research

GRASS is expanding its leading market position in the premium sector by increasing expenditures for research and development. By focussing on product innovation GRASS is set up well for the future.

Source: GRASS Movement Systems

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