Assago – The general assembly approved the exhibition calendar for 2013, including all the events that will be sponsored by Eumabois, the European federation of woodworking technology, tools and accessories manufacturers.

Exhibitions are one of the key topics on the federation’s agenda. Constantly committed to limiting the proliferation of events that only cause a waste of resources for companies, the organization selects and supports exhibitions that guarantee specific standards to exhibitors and visitors, representing an effective and tangible reference in the respective world region.

This year, two new exhibitions joined the network of Eumabois, which gathers 14 national associations including over 800 European manufacturers. So, welcome to Tekhnodrev Siberia, scheduled next 10 to 13 September in Krasnoyarsk (Russia).

“This is one of very few exceptions to our rule of supporting one and only one exhibition in each country”, said Franz-Josef Buetfering, president of Eumabois. “We took into consideration the huge extension of “Great Russia” and the long distance between Moscow, the second exhibition we are supporting this year. This is a region with huge raw material resources, where everything related to primary processing is very interesting. Furthermore, many companies are emerging that add value to these natural resources with subsequent operations”.

“The decision to include Woodworking (Minsk, Belarus, 1-4 October, editor’s note) in our network came after two years of contacts; in this period, we ascertained the value of this "small" exhibition in a market that is definitely not big, nevertheless has all it takes to offer significant business opportunities to European wood technology”, Buetfering concluded.

Attached please find the full list of 21 exhibitions included in the “Eumabois club”, key platforms to get in touch with the latest technology and most innovative companies.


EXPOPROMUEBLE                                Mexico City (Mexico)                    23/26 January

DELHIWOOD                                           New Delhi (India)                          31 January/3 February

FIMMA BRAZIL                                        Bento Gonçalves (Brazil)              18/22 March

WOODEX FOR AFRICA                         Johannesburg (South Africa)        21/23 March

WOODSHOW                                          Dubai (United Arab Emirates)       9/11 April

DREMA                                                     Poznan (Poland)                           16/19 April

LIGNA                                                       Hanover (Germany)                      6/10 May

FITECMA                                                  Buenos Aires (Argentina)             2/6 July

AWFS VEGAS                                          Las Vegas (United States)           24/27 July

ASEANWOOD - WOODTECH                Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)              21/24 August

HI WOODTECH                                       Herning (Denmark)                       3/6 September

WOOD AND BIOENERGY                      Jyväskylä (Finland)                      4/6 September

TEKHNODREV SIBERIA                        Krasnoyarsk (Russia)                  10/13 September

LISDEREVMASH                                     Kiev (Ukraine)                               September

VIETNAMWOOD                                     Ho Chi Min City (Vietnam)            25/28 September

WOODWORKING                                    Minsk (Belarus)                             1/4 October

WOOD PROCESSING MACHINERY    Istanbul (Turkey)                           5/9 October

HOLZ BASEL                                           Basel (Switzerland)                       8/12 October

WOOD-TEC                                             Brno (Czech Republic)                 22/25 October

FIMMA VALENCIA                                   Valencia (Spain)                            November

WOODEX/LESTECHPRODUKZIA         Moscow (Russia)                          26/29 November

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