New CAD/CAM Solution Speeds-Up Design Process
July 26, 2012 | 4:39 pm CDT

Salt Lake City, Utah - SA International (SAi), a leading provider of solutions for the professional signmaking, large format digital printing and CAD/CAM for CNC machining industries, will unveil its new EnRoute™ Version 5 CAD/CAM software for the first time in North America at the IWF exhibition (Atlanta, GA, August 22nd - 25th).

The versatile EnRoute™ Version 5, which builds on the established and popular EnRoute™ platform, will be showcased by SAi at booth 5440, where the company's product experts will demonstrate its ability to provide a more powerful and easy way for woodworkers to create and output files.

Delivering intuitive creative tools and accurate toolpathing for carving and engraving needs, EnRoute™ 5 has been introduced to facilitate integration with three-axis CNC machines in the CNC woodworking, CNC signmaking and manufacturing and fabrication industries. As the most powerful EnRoute™ software produced to date, EnRoute™ 5 includes over 50 innovations and comprises a multitude of integrated time-saving features that make the design process faster while improving productivity.

Among the major features of EnRoute™ 5 is a fully-equipped interface containing enhanced nesting options that provide new nesting capabilities. Relief creation and editing has also been expanded with new offsetting and distortion tools, while new ways to distort contours and toolpaths have been added to increase possibilities for creativity and deliver precise results.

Heavy lifting and detailed artwork - a unique combination

Importantly, EnRoute™ 5 is able to handle a wide range of applications via tools that address the needs of high-volume commercial applications. These include the ability to nest materials together to reduce waste, as well as cut more parts per hour thanks to shorter production times. In addition, EnRoute™ 5 has been designed to undertake detailed 3D work with surface creation and texturing. This capability to handle high-volume projects while also managing the more intense artistic aspects of jobs, sets EnRoute™ 5 apart from many existing programs that are unable to deliver effectively on both requirements.

"EnRoute™ 5 massively expands the opportunities available to woodworking and cabinetmaking businesses operating CNC machines, by bringing a multitude of performance enhancements to the production process," says EJ Nodurft, EnRoute™ Product Director, SAi.

SAi's new EnRoute™ 5 CAD/CAM software is available in Basic, Plus, or Pro versions to suit the specific production needs of users. For further information, please e-mail [email protected] or call 801-803-5759 (for North and South America enquiries); or +32 2 725 52 95 (for Europe/Asia enquiries).

Source: SA International

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