Lamar, MO - Author Mick Peters, recognizes the increasing pressure on companies to become “lean” by improving the efficiency of business practices. In Peters’ new book “Love Thy Data: & Eliminate the Pain” (published by Archway Publishing), he outlines how enterprise resource planning (ERP) software can make a difference for these changing organizations.

New Book Shows ERP Software as Key to Business EfficiencyPeters wrote, “Love Thy Data” for business managers who need understandable points of reference from which to make important business choices. “Most such books are highly technical, written for IT geeks,” Peters says. “But business managers will make the key decisions and need understandable information to do so.”

An excerpt from “Love Thy Data”:

“Remember when things came with an operating manual that answered most of the owner’s questions? Some products may still come equipped with such a guide, but that is certainly not the case for selection and implementation of company-wide, management information systems, or enterprise resource planning (ERP).”

“Love Thy Data”

By Mick Peters

Soft cover | 6 x 9 in | 218 pages | ISBN 9781480806184

E-Book | 218 pages | ISBN 9781480806191

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About the Author

Mick Peters, member of the Board of Directors for Roger Shaw & Associates, distills his nearly 40 years of manufacturing, operations management and consulting experience, simplifying these complex issues in his new book “Love Thy Data.” Having worked in a wide range of production environments, challenged with implementing enterprise resource planning systems under the pressure of tight budgets and heavy workloads, Peters’ offers practical and understandable solutions for his readers. Readers can learn more about Mick Peters’ work by visiting the blog section of our website

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