The most significant changes are the number of votes assigned to each company and the election procedure for the new president.

During an extraordinary assembly held last April 12, Acimall, the Italian woodworking machinery and tools manufacturers’ association, approved the new statute by a unanimous vote. The document, responding to Confindustria’s guidelines, introduces two substantial modifications. First, it defines the number of votes each member companies is entitled to, based on dimensions. Therefore, companies will have one to twenty votes, based on specific coefficients, so that each member’s decision-making power is proportionate to their size, while safeguarding the representative role of the association, that must bring together and reflect all the actors and interests it represents.

The second innovation concerns the election of the president, who will be proposed by the board of directors to the assembly and will be entitled to appoint two vice presidents, building up a presidential committee. The assembly will also elect six directors to complete the board, that will therefore be comprised of nine members.

To ensure continuity in the association’s management, the elections of president and board of directors will be held at one year’s distance.

Source: Acimall

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