(RICHMOND, VA) –  National Restorations (NR) recently joined Cabinet Makers Associations (CMA) and is now offering its members the opportunity to join their restoration network and capitalize on the truly unique, niche market of cabinet restoration.

“There is a tremendous opportunity for cabinet shops to diversify their business and enjoy the financial benefits of working within the lucrative claim industry,” explains Ron Jacobsen founder and Vice President of Network Development. “Most cabinet shops have no idea that the cabinet repair business even exists or how much money insurance claims can generate.”

National Restorations is an insurance claim service that handles furniture and cabinets claims for major insurance companies through a nationwide network of professional furniture restoration firms. NR provides an efficient, cost effective alternative to constantly replacing water or fire damaged kitchens and consistently saves insurance companies an average of 60% to 70% by restoring only the damaged cabinets opposed to replacing entire kitchens.

“Our cabinet repair program has grown tremendously over the past five years and cabinet claims now comprise over 50% of our total claim volume. Some insurance companies have made it mandatory that every adjuster must consult with us before they replace a kitchen,” says Jacobsen.

Claim work is completely different than selling the typical retail cabinet job. In fact, there isn’t all that much selling involved since homeowners rarely have an option in claim circumstances. The damaged cabinets have to be repaired and insurance companies have the right to repair or replace, whichever is less. Best of all, fluctuations in the economy have little or no effect on the insurance claim business nor is this business very cyclical. Fires start, pipes burst, storms blow trees into houses, etc., whether the stock market is up or down or the economy is good or bad.

Adds Jacobsen: “Any experienced cabinet shop already possesses the ability to do this type of work. Our challenge has been finding shops that can think outside the box and are willing to try something different than just making new cabinets. It only takes a few claims to see how profitable this business can be.”

For more information about National Restorations and how to join their insurance claim network visit their web site: www.nationalrestore.com or contact Ron Jacobsen at 877-884-9446 or email rjacobsen@nationalrestore.com.

Source; The Cabinet Makers Association

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