HACKETTSTOWN, N.J. — Ready for immediate downloading online, the Kitchen Planner and the Bath Planner from the National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA) help guide homeowners through every step of their kitchen and bath projects. These important tools assist consumers in clarifying the process of kitchen and bath remodels, while identifying fun and exciting decision-opportunities for their homes. The two NKBA Planners also help homeowners define the scope of their projects, finalize a budget, select an NKBA professional to work with them, narrow product choices, and plan for the installation.

“Remodeling is no easy feat,” notes 2013 NKBA President John K. Morgan. “The real-life process of creating a new kitchen or a bath involves careful planning and research. The NKBA is home to the finest professionals in the kitchen and bath industry – dealers and designers who are committed to catering to the precise needs of homeowners.”

NKBA sets the standard: Currently marking its 50th year as the prime authority of the kitchen and bath industry, the NKBA has set the industry standard for quality design by offering premier education and training tools to kitchen and bath professionals. As the foremost kitchen and bath trade group in North America, the association ensures that all members adhere to the NKBA comprehensive standards of conduct, integrity and quality service.

Visitors to the NKBA.org website will also find numerous other resources for planning their bath or kitchen remodeling projects, including sections devoted to Kitchen & Bath Tips; the NKBA Consumer Newsletter; Ask a Professional, a question-and answer section featuring fully informed responses from a qualified professional; and a Glossary of Terms commonly used by the kitchen and bath industry. In addition, the NKBA website offers homeowners a wealth of inspiration and practical ideas with numerous pictures of beautiful kitchens and baths.

Finally, by logging on to NKBA.org/ProSearch, consumers can also locate and recruit certified industry professionals with proven knowledge and experience on kitchen and bath projects.

Visit NKBA.org/Planners to download a free Kitchen Planner or Bath Planner today.

Source: National Kitchen & Bath Association


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