CARLSBAD, CA -- After a decade away from software, Larry Cornwell and Roger Taylor have teamed up once again in an effort to create new affordable software solutions for cabinets and casework. Larry Cornwell stated one of the motivating factors for their return was the lack of focus on the needs of the small to mid-sized cabinet shop. “We felt the customer base we began serving in the 1980s was being left behind”, Cornwell says, “Roger and I began exploring strategies to create a new low overhead company several years ago as a way to reduce software costs and make it more affordable. Then I came across Sketchup and quickly realized it was the ultimate platform for the woodworking industry!”

The company says the goal is to make leading edge software affordable to all shops. “Our development team has spent the past 5 years creating the ultimate product line, from design to manufacture, to nesting, to G-Code. It’s all in there”, Taylor states. “We want to help make a CNC machine as common place as a table saw in the modern cabinet shop. To make that happen, we have to completely change the way software is bought and sold in the woodworking industry.”

Taylor said, “We took our time over the past 5 years to develop everything in house so we are not reliant on any third party vendors for things like rendering, nesting, or machine code generation – those costs, along with high dollar third party distribution, are a few of the things that drive up the costs of software. We’re passing these savings along directly to our customers. Our apps are very affordable. Our cloud based support community is friendly and accessible. We feel we’re poised to lead our industry forward once again.”

Visit Mozaik in Booth 6101 at the IWF Show in Atlanta, GA in August 2012.

Source: Mozaik Software, Inc.

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