Merillat Shows Small Kitchen Cabinetry Functionality
November 5, 2011 | 3:28 pm CDT

ANN ARBOR, Mich., Nov. 1, 2011 -- New Yorkers know all about living with a small kitchen, and Merillat cabinetry knows all about making life in a small kitchen easier. To demonstrate the importance of smart design in a small kitchen space, Merillat cabinetry provided a kitchen for a cooking demonstration by Chef Curtis Stone at the Thrillist's BBQ & The Blues presented by Merillat hosted by Curtis Stone event during the 2011 New York City Wine & Food Festival (NYCWFF) in September.

During the event, guests were treated to BBQ-inspired culinary delights by local chefs and Curtis Stone hosted a special cooking demonstration showcasing the Merillat cabinetry features that made the kitchen so functional. After the demonstration, guests had the chance to sample the food and tour the kitchen to get an up-close look at all the smart storage solutions.

"Ingenious storage solutions can add function as well as convenience to any area of the kitchen, but when the kitchen is small this becomes even more important," said Susan Dountas, Merillat brand director. "Thankfully, with a little planning any homeowner — in any part of the country — can create a small kitchen space ready to accommodate any lifestyle."

Design Tips for Small Kitchens

According to Merillat cabinetry, the following design tips can make a big impact on a small kitchen space:

Think Vertically. While the square footage may be lacking, opportunity for storage often lies in the ceiling height. A tall pantry or utility cabinet allows the homeowner to store many different items in one central location and at different levels making some things more accessible or inaccessible for children. Pull-out trays, like the ones offered in Merillat cabinetry, can make awkward items easy to reach. In addition, flanking the refrigerator with two pantries can add storage in a convenient location. Also, stacking cabinets to the ceiling is perfect for storing seasonal items and other large pieces not used as frequently.

Be open-minded. Glass doors or floating shelving open up the space, making a cramped room feel more airy. Furthermore, this storage option makes items easily accessible and allows the homeowner to get creative by displaying dishware or collectables that reflect their personal style. Of course, keeping your displayed items tidy is necessary as a cluttered space will automatically make a small space feel smaller.

Hide it away. Small kitchens can seem larger with no clutter, so hiding items that are often sitting out is smart. Merillat cabinetry offers a number of storage solutions that meet this need. For example, your knife set can be easily stored in a cutting board kit from Merillat cabinetry; the cutting board and knife storage are built into the drawer, saving counter space. Another option is a pull-out wastebasket. This saves floor space and the two-bin design keeps trash and recyclables separated and out of sight.

Lighten Up. Sticking to cohesive natural hues and lighter colors gives the room balance and allows the eye to move across the space easily, creating the illusion of more space. From fresh and clean painted white cabinets to the soft look of natural Maple wood, the style of the cabinet should be kept simple. Slab front doors or shaker style often work best in small spaces. And hardware should be used minimally.

"People today are using their small kitchens for everything from cooking to entertaining, and this means there are going to be a lot more items in the kitchen to accommodate those tasks," said Dountas. "While all these items can lead to chaos, smart storage solutions can bring order not only to the kitchen but to your life."

Merillat cabinetry is taking its kitchen design knowledge beyond the small kitchen and New York City; the NYCWFF was the kick-off of the "Works Like a Dream Kitchen" Merillat cabinetry Culinary Tour. The tour features Curtis Stone demonstrating the smart function of Merillat cabinets during two flagship culinary events; the first was at the NYCWFF and the second will be on Saturday, Nov. 5, 2011 at The Grove in Los Angeles.

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About Merillat. Merillat cabinets add meaningful innovation and functional storage to make prepping, cooking, entertaining and living in the kitchen easier. Merillat is based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and part of Masco Cabinetry. All Merillat products carry the seal of the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturer Association (KCMA). A leader in environmental stewardship, Masco Cabinetry has been granted an Environmental Stewardship Program certificate by the KCMA and is ISO 14001 certified.

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