Imagine an interior shade for your home with the versatility of opening from either the top or the bottom; the precision of virtually complete light control; and the beauty of sleek lines and fully concealed cords.

Marvin Introduces Revolutionary Interior Shade SystemYou don’t have to imagine it. Marvin Windows and Doors is setting a new industry standard with a fully integrated interior shade system that outdoes all competition for functionality, beauty and performance.

Available now through independent Marvin dealers, the new integrated system fits seamlessly into Marvin window and door units with no measuring required. The shade system is available on a range of Marvin windows as well as swinging and sliding doors, or can be retrofitted to existing Marvin windows and swinging doors.

“We’re proud to introduce this industry-leading shade system, which offers an array of features and benefits no other manufacturer or after-market solution can match,” said Christine Marvin, director of marketing for Marvin Windows and Doors. “We are excited to bring to market an innovative solution that will change the customer’s experience with windows and doors, and the shades that cover them.

“Marvin offers a turn-key solution that can be shipped with the unit or shipped later,” Christine Marvin said. “We give homeowners a perfect fit; the ability to open the shades before operating the window or door; and no interference with hardware. This is an offering that enhances the beauty of the windows and doors, unlike so many shade systems that actually detract from appearance.

“The whole Marvin team is proud of this true industry first,” she said. “And like all our products, our new interior shade system is handcrafted in America.”

On windows and swinging doors, the integrated shade operates from both the top down and the bottom up, allowing the user to position it anywhere – a feature not offered by other window and door manufacturers. On sliding doors, Marvin’s shades move with the door – an industry first. No longer does the user have to open the shades to operate the door.

Unlike between-the-glass offerings, Marvin’s solution is compatible with all glazing types, including gas-filled and surface-coated glazings. And Marvin interior shades can be used with simulated divided lites with spacer bars – offering greater design flexibility and superior performance.

Other features of this revolutionary new offering include:

•Fully concealed mechanisms and hidden cord systems for superior aesthetics

•Available in either blackout or light-filtering fabric for choice in privacy and light control

•Offered in a palette of 15 colors to match virtually any décor

•Shade surrounds can be ordered prefinished with choice of Marvin’s factory-applied interior finishes

•Shade material is anti-static, liquid repellant, dust and soil resistant, and carries a 10-year warranty

•Precise fit for the ultimate in light and privacy control — virtually no light bleed along the edges of the surround

•Integrated design means shade doesn’t protrude into living area

•On sliding doors, shade stack is completely hidden when retracted

Source: Marvin

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