Maine Heritage Timber Exhibits Flooring Collections WFA
June 10, 2013 | 5:09 pm UTC

MILLINOCKET, ME – For the customer that seeks to spec the ultimate best for their home, there is a new gold standard for wood flooring that simply, and plainly, sets the bar at the high end of the market. When the customer asks for the best of the best, this is the simple, and only, answer.

Maine Heritage Timber brings to market a wood flooring product that is utterly unique in the industry in terms of its beauty, character, strength, durability, and limited exclusivity. It’s wood flooring the way wood flooring would have been made 300 or 400 years ago, milled from old growth, non-plantation timber that grew naturally in virgin wilderness stands in the Northeastern United States.

Maine Heritage Timber’s flooring DOES come from these majestic trees, which were felled a century ago, and were floated down the Penobscot River in Maine as part of the legendary log drives of that time. Maine Heritage Timber is reclaiming these centuries old logs that sunk to the bottom of Maine’s north country rivers and lakes, where they were perfectly preserved by the frigid waters.

Stunning hues, wide planks, dense grain, historical provenance, and limited supply: following is a description of this amazing, historical and one of a kind product, translated into art you can walk on:

1899 Collection – Birch, Oak and Maple

Two hundred year old, virgin, yellow birch and red oak hardwoods grew along the banks of the Penobscot River in an unspoiled forest until they saw their last days in 1899. The origins of these trees coincide with the settlement of colonial America making them utterly unique pieces of Maine and American history. To own wood from this classic collection is to own a piece of preserved history, a museum to walk on that will increase the value of any living space. Maine Heritage Timber offers this extraordinary wide plank flooring collection in an assortment of widths and lengths.

Penobscot Collection – Eastern White Pine
Since pre-Colonial days, eastern white pine has been the most prized wood source of North America. Valued for its massive size and easily tooled texture, the best trees were, in colonial America, reserved for the King’s use exclusively for ship masts. Maine Heritage Timber offers a majestic array of ancient, river-reclaimed eastern white pine, engineered into wide planks that vary in lengths from 3’-10’ and in widths of 4, 6 and 8 inches.

Great Northern Collection – Spruce and Fir
Old growth trees, cut in 1916 after centuries of growth and preserved in the pristine and frigid waters on main lakes and rivers, only logs of the utmost quality and size are sourced for the Great Northern Collection. This remarkable assortment of river-reclaimed spruce and fir is available in four widths and an average length of 40."


About Maine Heritage Timber
Maine Heritage Timber, located in Millinocket, offers an exquisitely rare variety of custom flooring, millwork, furniture, and wainscoting materials. These high-quality wood products are created using sunken virgin growth timber lost to Maine’s Penobscot River during the logging gold rush and have been preserved under nature’s cover for over 100 years. Maine Heritage Timber carefully reclaims this limited supply of logs in order to yield exquisite wood products of the utmost quality that are truly available nowhere else. Maine Heritage Timber preserves 1000 acres of timberland annually, which would otherwise be cut and assists in the revival of an otherwise dormant ecosystem. The company’s wood products have been sought after by some of the nation’s most successful businesses, including LL Bean, Sugarloaf Ski Resorts, The River Drivers Restaurant and Florida’s Moxie Restaurant. Maine Heritage Timber’s classic, river-reclaimed timber products are available for purchase via phone (207-723-9200) and online at

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