Many customers, colleagues, friends, businessmen and journalists from the world of wood participated to the celebration for the fiftieth anniversary of the company Maggi Engineering, situated in Certaldo, near Florence, organized on Thursday, May 9th, during the latest Ligna exhibition. A brief break in the days of the exhibition, a time to celebrate with simplicity and even with proper pride, the first fifty years of a history came from the foresight of Mr Lionello Maggi, who, half a century ago in 1963, decided to start the production of power feeders.

Maggi Engineering Celebrates 50 YearsTo date over 400.000 units have been produced and over the years started the production of radial arm saws, vertical cutting machines (until the 90’s), edgebanding machines (since 2008) and boring machines, became in the last years the “core business” of company Maggi, they currently account for about the 60% of turnover.

At the same time the target trade markets increased; expansion started from Tuscany, developed in Italy and then all around the world in a short time. The first business trips abroad were in the 70’s. Europe at first, then Usa, since 1976, then Asia and in 1986 the first travel in China, then Moscow. These new partnerships gave the possibility to focus on the world providing a widespread presence.

During those years were studied new solutions and machineries more and more accurate, fast and efficient. The premises dedicated to the production were enlarged, the investments in new machineries and production lines grew up. Mr Lionello’s daughter, Stefania, and son, Stefano, joined the company and other trusted collaborators, Mr Mauro Landi and Mrs Lidia Gianni, entered the property.

This is a long history, made of people, meetings, successes, hard works, discovery, customers loyalty: the pride of Maggi is to have long lasting relationships with customers for over 30 years. “Customers know our products, they know the way we work, what we believe in. They came to us to ask for simple feeding units, our aces in the hole, our passe-partout, and then they also chose all the other products we have been developing during these years” says the founder Mr Lionello Maggi.

This company has always had inside its DNA the relationship with the world of craftsmen. It proposes machineries designed and developed to ensure the highest flexibility and performances to joineries that do not manage with big series production batches but rather chase the quality.

At present the turnover of Maggi Engineering reaches about 7 million Euros, more than 90% thanks to exports. It is a well-known brand worldwide, it has transformed itself over the years always focusing on its own vocation, its own way of working, the will to be always synonymous of reliability and handcraft care for each product, from the simplest to the most technologically advanced one.

“We are a handicraft company, considering the best meaning of the term” said Mrs Stefania Maggi, Sales Manager. “We take care of our product, we feel the passion for what we do, we pay the highest attention to our customers with whom we have a constant, continuous and deep relationship. These elements represent a strategic choice, they allow us to proudly talk about ourselves and about the choices we had the pride to carry out during these years, listening to what the market was asking for and choosing the solution we felt closer to us.

Today we look to the future without forgetting the past. We are sure we had been able to reconsider our way to operate, with a future vision more focused on a smart growth, a watchful management and a 360 degree cooperation spirit. The schedule looks “hard”: to be an excellence in all aspects and meet customers’ needs, be always close to them, and manage the work to provide great satisfaction for everybody”.

Source: Maggi Engineering


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