KBIS 2012: Loox LED Lighting Provides Functional Illumination
April 25, 2012 | 10:09 pm CDT

Archdale, N.C. – Loox brand of LED lighting from Häfele offers a wide variety of lights with the option for individual design variation. As LED lighting continues to grow in popularity, the Loox collection brings designers and manufacturers innovative and user-friendly solutions that can be incorporated throughout living and working environments.

“LED lighting is quickly evolving into the standard for illumination,” says Daniel Tripp, product marketing manager for Häfele. “The beauty of Loox is that it not only provides a wide variety of options, but it is also easy to install and is compatible around the globe.”

KBIS 2012: Loox LED Lighting Provides Functional IlluminationLoox Provides Easy-to-Use Technology for Designers, Woodworkers and Manufacturers

Loox offers furniture and cabinet-ready lighting systems that are based on Plug & Play technology, which makes the drivers and switches simple to specify and install by eliminating the need for wiring and/or soldering. Loox makes it easier than ever for designers and manufacturers to incorporate LED lighting into their projects without needing an electrician. The unique identification system for the operating system (12v, 24v or 350 mA) allows users to go by color-coded symbols, rather than a specific plug. Furthermore, the Loox driver is internationally certified allowing it to be used with power systems all over the world.

LED Lighting Brings Functionality Home

LED lighting can be applied in several areas throughout a home or office to provide energy-saving illumination that allows people to make better use of their space. One of the most functional uses for the Loox collection is lighting strips that can be applied to cabinets, drawers or furniture.

“Loox can provide even illumination in areas that historically haven’t been lit,” explains Tripp. “A Loox system can also be programmed to come on only when needed, much like when you open a refrigerator or oven.”

LED lighting can also provide more aesthetically pleasing alternatives to puck lights or fluorescent tubes, which have been the limited lighting options for areas like cabinetry until now. The Loox collection also includes switches that allow for dimming and motion sensing, which can further reduce energy usage for certain tasks.

Lighting the Way for Less Energy Consumption

LED lights are a responsible choice for lighting with very low power consumption and long fixture life.


“If you only have to replace a LED light every 50,000 hours, rather than every 1,000 hours for incandescent or every 5,000 hours for a CFL you will reduce waste,” says Tripp.

To learn more about Loox LED lighting from Häfele or to view the lighting catalog, please visit www.hafele.com/us.

Source: Häfele


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