Weinig will be in attendance in Hanover to present itself as a leader of technology with expertise across the entire solid wood processing chain. Hall 12 will feature 30 exhibits over 3,800 sq m, including innovations and evolutions in all four product segments. The Holz-Her stand will be directly adjacent in Hall 11, underlining the expertise of the Weinig Group in the processing of derived timber products. The Weinig innovations are characterized by resource management in terms of personnel, energy and timber raw material. The "Blue Competence" label epitomizes Weinig's specialist know-how in the development of ecological and forward-looking production technology.

Profiling product segment

New technologies

Weinig's core expertise of planing and profiling puts the spotlight on modern processing technology, which can achieve significant savings, increase timber yield and open up new markets. The Powermat series, exhibited in full with the 600, 1200, 2400 and 2500 models, offers an ideal platform in this area. Demonstrations will include an angled spindle, vertical floating spindle and 3D structuring. The new back-pressure system prevents "snipes" and "dips" at the final lower spindle.

NEW: MemoryPlus 2.0

MemoryPlus is the new entry-level control system from Weinig for customers with a small variety of profiles. The EasySet function corrects any measuring errors on the tool quickly and easily. MemoryPlus allows the mobile spindle as well as a chamfering unit to be controlled or glazing beads to be separated.

NEW: Pointed tooth roller 2.0

The outstanding feature of the new generation of Weinig feed rollers is their better grip, which ensures optimized workpiece transport. The lower contact pressure reduces indentations in the wood. Reduced wear and build-up of debris also extend the service life of the rollers.

NEW: 90° chamfering unit

The new chamfering unit has axles that are independent of the spindles. The installation at a 90°-angle allows the production of chamfers with curves and radii.

Further developments with CUBE and Powermat

With the new automatic stacker, Weinig extends the range of accessories for the compact entry-level 4-sider CUBE. Operation and charging are now significantly easier. The tried and tested Powermat 2400 SP splitting unit has been optimized. An improved splitting wedge system ensures longer tool service life, precision and increased safety.

Windows product segment

NEW: Conturex Compact

Conturex Compact celebrates LIGNA premiere. The new model extends the renowned Conturex series with a machine particularly tailored to the requirements of small workshop businesses. To cater for the wide variety of products, the Conturex Compact has a similarly high degree of flexibility to the series in the upper performance segment, which have also been optimized in terms of flexibility and performance. This enhancement can be seen at LIGNA as Conturex 124. To use the braking energy, the Conturex is equipped with an energy refeed unit. In addition, frequency converters facilitate demand-oriented drive - depending on processing parameters such as speed and feed speed.

Enhancements to Multirex

The new Multirex generation has an external tool magazine with a length of 6.5 m and its own axle. This enables transfer of the tool to the tool holder in the machine with no loss of time - regardless of the current position of the machine with the main spindle. In addition, the new Multirex generation is in a position to automatically control peripherals. This enables problem-free exchange of data from the cutting list or data for subsequent driving in of dowels.

Pre-cutting and optimizing product segment

NEW: Systems technology for large and small production lines

Weinig will be exhibiting the world's first fully-automated pre-cutting system in Hanover in OptiLink, the Weinig software solution for 2D optimization. The line includes a CombiScan 200 R scanner for ripsawing and cutting, a ProfiRip 450 Speed optimizing circular saw and an OptiCut 450 FJ+ III high-speed optimizing cross-cut saw with ST 10-1500 automatic stacker. The entire system is connected via the OptiLink software , which was initially presented as a concept in 2011 and now comes to the market as a solution for the networked production process of production lines with several scanners. Additional highlights of the system include the new generation of the servo drive for maximum cutting performance under continuous operation and the fixed length cutting from 80 mm for higher timber yields. The modular system concept enables capacity to be extended up to 4 OptiCut units.

The system comprising the EasyScan scanner and OptiCut 200 Elite optimizing cross-cut saw celebrates its premiere as a standard solution for simple applications in rip optimizing. OptiCom Direct enables the system to be consistently operated and controlled.

New range of accessories

Weinig will also be presenting a new range of accessories for pushfeed saws in Hanover. These will enable work processes that follow "cutting" to be further automated or integrated into the process. The new Superdrill unit combines the work processes of cutting / drilling and cutting / milling in a single pass. The IPPC branding iron automatically burns the logo into the workpiece following cutting. In the saw outfeed, the package stacker provides reliable stacking of the fixed lengths cut in the package.

Development: ProfiPress L II Comfort

The ProfiPress II Comfort high-frequency gluing press has semi-automatic glue delivery with a conveyor belt and charging via a plate chain. A further highlight is press cylinders with height adjustment that can be switched off via solenoid valves. The gluing press is characterized by simple operation, optimal use of energy and low floor space requirement combined with high performance.

NEW: Two optimizing circular saws

For the first time, the optimizing circular saw ProfiRip 450 is presented with a cutting width of 450 mm and up to 4-fold blade adjustment. In a further innovation, the optimizing circular saw ProfiRip 310 is presented with a cutting width of 310 mm and up to 3-fold blade adjustment. The flexible longitudinal circular saw FlexiRip 3200 has been enhanced with new features. These include automatic cutting height recognition, load-dependent feed control and a width optimization program.

NEW:Band resaw BK60 / BK80

The new band saw reaches feed rates of up to 60 m/min in standard configuration, and up to 80 m/min with the high-performance package. Sensor-based measurement of the boards prior to infeed allows for optimized outfeed of three equally wide pieces. The BK features a sound-insulated safety cabin. All adjustments are made conveniently from the outside.

Finger jointing and finishing product segment

NEW: PowerJoint 8

Weinig will also be using LIGNA to present the fastest compact finger jointing line on the market in the glulam production segment. The new ProfiJoint 8 allows timber with up to 8 connections to be centrally milled and pressed per minute. The finger jointing line will be on display at the Alfeld plant. Not far from Hanover, the plant has additional finger jointing lines on display in the Ultra, ProfiJoint and Turbo-S with dividing saw, which will be available for demonstration throughout LIGNA for any interested visitors.

NEW: Ultra TT 2000

The Ultra TT 2000 from the GreconLine is a package finger jointing line for incoming lengths of up to 2,000 mm. The combination of a full-automated rotary table and a belt before the packet chamfer makes this system a performance giant. When a timber package is milled, the rotary table can be simultaneously charged with an unprocessed timber package.

NEW: Double-end machine

The new double-end machine reinforces Weinig's orientation as a complete provider. The double-end machine the logical extension of the finishing construction kit, which previously focused on finger jointing lines at the Alfeld operation. The double-end machine allows us to particularly address companies in the furniture, board, window, flooring, insulation, construction timber and solid wood industries.


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