Leitz RipTec Cutting System Wins 2011 Sequoia at AWFSGRAND RAPIDS, MI — The Leitz RipTec cutting system was unanimously selected to receive the prestigious Sequoia Award at the 2011 Association of Woodworking & Furnishings Suppliers Fair (AWFS) held in Las Vegas. Given since 1997, the Sequoia New Product Awards recognize outstanding achievements in distinct areas of expertise.

RipTec, an innovative and affordable solution, was honored for reducing scrap waste, increasing efficiency and improving profitability. Surface defects such as plucking, fuzzing, blow-out and crushed end grain are just a few of the manufacturing problems that have been resolved by using RipTec. Additional benefits include improved finish quality, optimized yield/ productivity, and extended performance and service life of the tool. RipTec is adaptable to any machine configuration and can be utilized in virtually any solid wood machining process. From small shops to industrial plants, RipTec provides a truly exceptional finish in even the mostchallenging applications.

Leitz RipTec Cutting System Wins 2011 Sequoia at AWFSFor over 125 years, Leitz has revolutionized the woodworking and advanced material industries with the most innovative tools and finest services worldwide—striving for advancement through continuous process improvement. RipTec is one of many Leitz solutions that cuts production costs and shapes your future.

Source: Leitz Tooling Systems

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