Oberkochen, Germany – Leitz Tooling connects people, tooling and products. At Ligna, the world’s largest exhibition for the wood and forestry industries, Leitz will demonstrate how these connections work for manufacturing.

Ligna will be held in Hannover, Germany, May 11-15. During the fair, Leitz will host two exhibits; one in Hall 12, where solid wood machining is featured, the second in Hall 26 where furniture production is showcased. Alessandro Telesio, Leitz CEO and spokesman for the Leitz Group Board of Directors, is looking forward to the opportunities Ligna presents, "When all parties; the customer, machinery manufacturer, and tooling manufacturer are present we can develop the best ideas and forge new partnerships.”

In both exhibits Leitz will highlight their new network-capable tooling. These tools are engineered with eApps chips which will allow users to monitor tooling conditions without shutting down production. This will help ensure more consistent processing quality and manage service cycles more effectively.

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In Hall 12, under the "Good As New,” banner, Leitz will have a "live" service station in the booth. "We want to show our guests how we relentlessly pursue precision throughout the life of our tools," says Telesio.

Other important advances include advances in zero joint technology, hybrid tools and the processing of non-wood materials. Leitz will also display a new program for circular saw blades, HeliCut 11 routers for solid wood processing and an improved version of the ProfilCut cutterhead system.

With worldwide headquarters in Oberkochen, Germany, Leitz manages U.S. operations, including five sales and service facilities, from Grand Rapids, MI.

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