Laguna Tools Releases Revo Lathes
August 30, 2012 | 8:06 pm UTC

Atlanta – It’s being called a “Revo-lution” in lathes – and Laguna Tools is leading the charge with its new Revo Lathes.

“We’re very proud of this new generation of Revo Lathes,” said Torben Helshoj, President of Laguna Tools. “They have more mass, less vibration and substantially more torque at both higher and lower RPMs than any other lathe in its class.”

Constructed of cast iron, the new Revo Lathes (available in 20-36 and 24-36 models) are powered by cutting edge Servo Technology. “This is a state-of-theart motor that has been proven over decades, however, it’s simply been too expensive for equipment of this size – until now,” he said. “Thanks to the popularity of this motor – which made mass production possible – we can now offer the incredibly stable Servo power plant for prices never possible in the past.”

Three years in the making, the Revo Lathes are ideal for both professional woodworkers and serious hobbyists. “It’s a piece of equipment that any woodworker will be proud to own, and as far as what it can do – literally anything a creative woodworker can dream up,” Helshoj said.

For more information on Laguna Tools new Revo Lathes, call 1-800-234-1976 or go to

Laguna Tools, based in Irvine, California, has been leading the industry in woodworking innovations for more than 28 years and continues to challenge the industry with new advancements and innovations. Laguna Tools builds and markets a wide range of woodworking tools, from small tools to a number of different CNC machines. At Laguna Tools, we aspire to be “globally local” by investing our time, support, products and services into many community outreach programs. For more information on the Laguna Tools quality line of performance products, please call 1-800-234-1976 or visit our website at

Source: Laguna Tools

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