IRVINE, CA - A free, downloadable color portfolio featuring the latest in CNC (computer numerical control) Woodworking technology will debut at the AWFS Woodworking Fair in Las Vegas, July 24-27, according to Laguna Tools – a leading creator and distributor of woodworking equipment for both professionals and serious hobbyists.

“CNC technology has revolutionized woodworking around the world,” said Catherine Helshoj, Vice President of Laguna Tools. “It drastically reduces material waste, eliminates costly errors, measurably increases shop productivity – and allows woodworking craftsmen to take there art to an entirely different level. As one CNC SmartShop user put it, ‘This machine has instantly made us leaner and greener.’”

Laguna Tools has a CNC machine for just about any application and budget. From the home hobbyist to the high volume production woodworking operations, a CNC machine lower costs, boost efficiencies and increase quality control to remain competitive. Whether it’s woodworking art, cabinet and furniture making, plastic fabrication, or prototypes – CNC machines have become one of the biggest draws at any woodworking show, including the AWFS Fair in Las Vegas.

Laguna Tools, considered by many industry experts to be at the forefront of CNC technology, emphasizes providing woodworkers of all levels with quality machines. Laguna Tools is one of the few companies that strives to offer woodworking hobbyists with the same ruggedly built, high quality CNC machines offered to professional woodworkers– including robust specifications and Laguna's famous fit n’ finish.

“Most companies either focus on CNC machines for professional woodworkers or avid enthusiasts – not both,” said Helshoj. “In other words, we don’t think somebody should have to settle for an inferior, cheaply built CNC machine simply because woodworking is their hobby.”

Laguna Tools will be featuring its CNC lineup at the AWFS Woodworking Fair. Visitors will have a chance to stop by Laguna's display (#7512), and see these renowned machines in operation cutting wood.

"Once professionals and hobbyists see the potential a CNC machine could make in their business – or craft – they typically either place an order on the spot or begin budgeting to purchase one,” says Helshoj. “We look forward to demonstrating for woodworkers the full potential that CNC equipment developed and designed in the U.S. will make in their business or hobby.”

The Laguna Tools downloadable brochure will be available both at the AWFS Woodworking Fair, and online at beginning July 24 the show.

For more information on the potential benefits of CNC equipment, go to, or call 800-234-1976.

About Laguna Tools

Laguna Tools, based in Irvine, California, has been leading the industry in woodworking innovations for 29 years and continues to challenge the industry with new advancements. Laguna Tools aims to be “globally local” by investing time, support, products and services into many community outreach programs.For more information on the new 1412 Bandsaw, and other woodworking machines to be featured at the AWFS Fair in Las Vegas, go to or call 800-234-1976.

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