LAS VEGAS - A new Laguna Tools Bandsaw designed for serious woodworking hobbyists at an affordable debuted at the AWFS Fair last month.

“We felt strongly that just because most people aren’t professional woodworkers, doesn’t mean they shouldn’t have access to top quality equipment,” said Benjamin Helshoj, Sales Manager (Wholesale Division) at Laguna Tools – a leading creator and distributor of top quality woodworking equipment. “After more than two years of development and production, we’re proud to offer the 14|12 Bandsaw that fits both a woodworker’s budget and garage perfectly.”

According to Helshoj, the company may have kept the retail cost very low at just $1,400, but they didn’t scrimp on its robust specifications. “The Laguna Tools14|12 Bandsaw is engineered to very exacting standards, including brass-tipped lock handle for the rip fence, Euro-style adjustable hinges, tracking and tension windows, an oversized table and heavy duty trunnion, just to name a few.”

He added that the 14|12 Bandsaw is also wired for any 110-volt outlet instead of 220. “So all a homeowner has to do is plug it in and start woodworking!”

Helshoj said the company also decided early in the development stages of the Laguna Tools 14|12 Bandsaw that there would be no compromising in the fit n’ finish department, either.

“The appearance of the 14|12 Bandsaw is something any woodworker – professional or hobbyist – would be proud to own. And the fact that it carries the Laguna Tools nameplate tells the world that the operator is serious about his or her woodworking equipment,” he said. “People will be blown away when they see just how much bandsaw they’re getting for such a reasonable price.”

Helshoj admitted that the Laguna Tools 14|12 Bandsaw could command a much higher price tag, “but that wasn’t the point of designing and producing such a machine. The idea was to give woodworking enthusiasts a chance to advance their craft with a truly impressive bandsaw in keeping with the Laguna Tools tradition for quality, appearance and technological advances – but without cutting into a hobbyists’ budget. We believe that we accomplished both goals with the 14|12 Bandsaw.”

Source: Laguna

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