Atlanta – Known for its versatility, power and smoothness, the best-selling and cost-effective LT 14 SUV Bandsaw from Laguna Tools has received critical acclaim from woodworking professionals, serious hobbyists and national magazines. After an extensive redesign, the best bandsaw in its class is even better!

Wood Magazine reported, “The LT 14 SUV has the most power by far (3HP Leeson Motor), the greatest resaw capacity (14"), the best blade guides, an L-shaped fence you can use in high or low positions, and a magnetic power switch that prevents accidental start-ups. It also features a table with a rack-and-pinion gear and gas strut for smooth, easy tilting; two 4" dust ports for the best dust collection; a foot brake with power disconnect to quickly stop the blade; and an optional mobility kit.”

According to Catheirne Helshoj, Vice President of Laguna Tools, a number of improvements have made the LT 14 SUV Bandsaw even more performance oriented and user-friendly. “No component of this bandsaw was left unturned,” said Helshoj. “For instance, we even improved its already excellent dust-collection capabilities by adding specialized rubber seals to the doors, which further dampens noise emissions as well.”

Other improvements include upgraded cast-iron fence knuckle and handles for not only smother operation, but also a more polished, professional appearance. A rubberized foot brake pad was also added for greater safety, and noise dampening. Even the nameplate was upgraded with a new, striking two-color design.

The rack and pinion upper guide and table tilt was also upgraded, as were the handles and wheels. “We even enhanced the fence guide bar and fence mounting body, and added a stronger 90-degree table-lock,” said Helshoj.

And like other bandsaws in the Laguna Tool’s lineup, the LT 14 x 14 SUV Bandsaw uses extremely thin profile blades that make short work out of the most intricate scrollwork, which typically needed to be done by much smaller machines in the past.

Other Laguna Tool’s bandsaw specifications include a patented ceramic “Laguna Guide System” using thumb screws for fast and precise adjustment control, cast iron flywheels, fence, table, and 3HP Leeson Motor.

Helshoj believes these improvements will make a substantial difference in the overall operation of the bandsaw. “We could have done nothing, and still had the most popular bandsaw in its class, but that’s not what Laguna Tools is all about.” he said. “If making an improvement will enhance performance, safety, appearance or ease-of-operation… we’ll make those changes.” “Woodworkers are definitely getting the best of both worlds in one bandsaw,” Helshoj said. “The size and capacity needed for larger jobs, and the precision for often-required more detailed craftsmanship.”

For more information on the LT 14 SUV Bandsaw, or any other of Laguna Tool’s popular lineup of bandsaws, call 1-800-234-1976 or go to

Source: Laguna Tools

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