MONTREAL - Lumberseek Group Inc. announces the release of "LUMBERSEEK-UP" with intent to modernize the communications of product and pricing between sales and procurement departments of commodity based lumber and panel products.

"With hundreds of price lists e-mailed from industry sales offices across the country each week, the market is in need of a universal application to help it communicate this information more effectively" says Lynne Gravelle, President of Lumberseek Group Inc.

Our goal is to provide the market with an affordable and user friendly internet application which will become the industry's leading pricing and product platform for sales and procurement departments of commodity lumber and panel products.

Regardless of the lumber type…LUMBERSEEK UP® can manage all softwood lumber species and panel products, while promising to drastically increase the performance of industry sales and procurement departments.

For your access to LUMBERSEEK UP® please visit,


SOURCE Lumberseek Group inc.

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