Los Angeles — LSTN Headphones is a direct result of everything that is good in people. The desire to give back to the world and to her fellow human beings is what prompted founder Bridget Hilton to start the unique LSTN Headphones (pronounced Listen) as a music-related social enterprise. Launched in April 2013, LSTN Headphones is rapidly becoming one of the most sought after music accessory brands that not only provides great quality sound to music lovers but also brings the gift of hearing to the hearing impaired. LSTN Headphones is a collaborator through its “Giving Back, Amplified” program with Starkey Hearing Foundation, the world leader in hearing restoration for the deaf. Starkey Hearing Foundation travels the globe, delivering the transformative gift of hearing to people in need. Starkey has provided over one million hearing aids to date in over 100 countries worldwide. Their aim is to provide one million hearing aids this decade. Each sale made by LSTN Headphones supports this amazing cause helping people worldwide to hear their own voice, sometimes for the very first time.

In addition to social responsibility, LSTN Headphones has incredible audio quality attributed to the sleek wooden exterior of the headphones. Each pair delivers rich, powerful bass, full mids and crisp highs. “I'm extremely into music, nature and charity, and this was a great way to combine those three passions,” says the enigmatic Hilton. “When we started LSTN, our mission was to create a company that could create global change by providing high-quality products that help fund hearing restoration and spread awareness for the global problem of hearing loss and hearing impairment. Our ‘Giving Back, Amplified’ program wasn’t an afterthought or marketing gimmick. It was the reason we started LSTN,” adds co-founder Joe Huff.

LSTN Headphones, in fact, provides a revolutionary product with its wooden headphones that aren’t common in the music accessory industry. To answer the often repeated question “Why wood?” LSTN’s team explains, “Our unique wooden chambers are a huge contributor to the warm and natural sound of LSTN headphones. LSTN is extremely conscious of the environment- we aren’t out chopping down trees for the product! LSTN uses only reclaimed wood from scraps discarded furniture and flooring companies. Specifically, it's the small otherwise discarded scraps that are left over from their manufacturing process. With its unique product and refreshing business model of providing the gift of sound and hearing, LSTN Headphones is well on its way to becoming a market leader in the music accessory industry, not to mention a favorite with every music lover. As Huff emphasizes, “We didn’t just want to create beautifully designed products with incredible audio. We wanted to create something that could change the world.”

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