TORONTO -- Olympic Kitchens, one of the largest kitchen cabinet manufacturers in the Greater Toronto area in Ontario, Canada, discovered that their 2k materials were not being manually mixed properly. They were looking to reduce labor time and simplify the process.  Their application consisted of an automatic flat-line with a three-circuitVenjakob machine.

Olympic Kitchens offers custom finished kitchens with catalyzed materials.  They are currently using a 2K primer, colors, lacquer, and 1K sealer.  As part of their production process, they needed to make sure that the catalyst was being mixed properly.  Their existing equipment consisted of the Kremlin Rexson 16-120 pumps, Manual Airmix and Airspray technology, and ATX guns for the flatline machine.

Kremlin Rexson Equipment Reduces Labor at Olympic KitchensEXEL North America met with Olympic Kitchens and explained the advantages and benefits of upgrading their current Kremlin Rexson equipment to equipment that would reduce their need for manual labor and increase productivity in their facility.

To optimize Olympic Kitchens' performance, EXEL North America was able to show how the Cyclomix Micro would enable them to have a more precise control in mixing fresh 2k material when they needed it.  This equipment also delivered timed flushing sequences and volume control.  EXEL North America installed the following Kremlin Rexson equipment into their facility:

  • Cyclomix Micro PH 3 + 1
  • 5 + 1 Color kit
  • (1) 20-25F PH for the catalyst
  • (2) 16-120F Kremlin Rexson Pumps
  • (2) 5 Gallon Agitators with lids
  • (3) 55 Gallon Agitators with lids
  • (1) 15-25 EOS Pump for solvent
  • Airmix regulators & filters for outbound pressures

Now, they have a 6-12 month ROI based on less personnel needed to manually mix the 2K materials.  There is no need to re-paint or touch up because the material is now properly catalyzed.  Finally, the dedicated pumps for the (5) 2k colors deliver a quicker color change with increased productivity.

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