CENTER VALLEY, Pa. -- Kitchen Workstation Furniture gives designers and homeowners a new way to create a live-in more sociable kitchen. People today spend so much time in and around the kitchen even when they are not cooking and eating. So why not create a kitchen that is less like a built-in laboratory and more like the comfortable 'living' areas of the home that contain comfortable chairs, picture windows, fireplaces, artwork on the walls, desks and entertainment centers?

A 'furnished' kitchen is created by using three to five separate pieces of task-oriented workstations instead of continuous runs of countertops and cabinetry.

David Beer, an architect and the company's founder says, "Although our workstations are so efficient and technically advanced, it is the spaces that are created between each piece that make these kitchens so unique." The spaces that contain full height windows and doors, houseplants, artwork, shelving with all kinds of collections and even smaller antiques define the character of the room. It's the spaces between each piece that allow the floor, wall and ceiling finishes to flow from one area to another. Beer explains, "Creating a room with workstations eliminates the boundary between the kitchen area and the living area. It's really a new kind of Great Room."

Because each piece is freestanding and separated by spaces, the heights and depths of the units can vary resulting in new performance opportunities that simply aren't prevalent in today's kitchens. With deeper countertops and deeper drawers and storage areas in the "reach zone", each piece is more efficient per lineal foot than typical in-line cabinetry.

Each separate piece can be styled differently, again due to the spaces. This allows designers unparalleled design freedom to incorporate several styles, materials and colors into each design.

Finally, to create the look of 'Timeless' furniture, YesterTec safely hides the 'hot' appliances in its workstations using its patented, U.L Listed technology. Workstations can blend in with many design styles better because the hi-tech appliances are hidden. Beer says, "After all, do you really want to look at an oven in the middle of your beautiful Great Room?"

About YesterTec

YesterTec manufactures Alternative Kitchen Design solutions as compared to designs that use standard built-in cabinetry. Products are available in the USA and Canada.

The three product lines include:

Kitchen Workstation Furniture (Furnished kitchens instead of cabinetry)

Stealth Kitchen Modules (Built-in kitchens that can completely disappear)

Mini-kitchens and Hospitality Centers (Complete armoire and hutch styled all-in-one unit kitchens.

All lines feature exclusive U.L. Listed technology that allows all the 'hot' appliances, like ovens and cooktops to be safely concealed from view when they are not being used. No other company in the world features this patented technology.

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