MILAN, ITALY – Cutting-edge Italian design firm Thingk (pronounced think) has announced the launch of the first two products in their latest line: The GK Series. Innovative and sleek, kitchen scale GKILO (pronounced kilo), and analog CLOGK (pronounced clock) incorporate clean design with interactive technology. Users activate the products with simple hand gestures, allowing for intuitive functionality.

Kitchen Scale, Analog Clock Receive Much Needed FaceliftBored and frustrated with the poor quality and lack of innovation in many of the products we use on a daily basis, founders Stefano Marangoni and Umberto Tolino set out to bring our everyday products into the modern world, while upholding Italy’s strong tradition of design.

“We are seeing electronic devices becoming more and more influential in our lives. We want to see humanity adapt to a more natural model of human-machine interaction, based on touch, voice-recognition and gesture.” -Stefano Marangoni, Team Leader, Thingk

GKILO and CLOGK represent the latest efforts by Thingk to do just that.


GKILO is a dual clock and kitchen scale. Resting on one side, the LED numbers act as a scale, displaying the weight of any objects placed on it. Flip the GKILO over, and the lights will display the current time. Using simple hand motions, users can easily reset the scale or adjust the time.

CLOGK is a modern take on the everyday clock. At rest, the CLOGK acts as an eye catching and modern decorative piece or paperweight. When activated by touch, the wooden CLOGK displays an analog clock or cooking timer. CLOCK possesses wireless capabilities as well, and can connect to both the web app and to GKILO.

Additional Features

With GKILO and CLOGK, Thingk combines simple LED displays with gorgeous cuts of wood, resulting in a modern design that is both simple and pleasantly surprising. Both the scale and clock functions connect wirelessly to a phone app, available on both iOS and Android, providing further functionality. When weighing an object on GKILO, users can utilize the app to identify the object as a specific food item. The app will use the food type and weight to estimate cooking time, and transmit the information to CLOGK, setting it into timer mode. This connection between products allows for seamless and simple interaction.

How to Pre-order

Thingk will be launching a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo starting Monday, April 28th and are aiming for a goal of $50,000 in an effort to put the products to distribution, and ultimately to market.Those who back the campaign can receive the very first models of the products, set to be delivered by August 2014.

About Thingk. Founded as a five-man team in 2013, Andrea Gallivanoni, Giuseppe Valenti, Domenico Cosentino, Umberto Tolino, Stefano Marangoni, created Thingk in an effort to develop the human-machine relationship. The company blends innovative technology, essential functionality, and modern design to bring beautiful, practical products to consumers.

About Indiegogo. Indiegogo is a crowdfunding platform where companies, artists, inventors, and entrepreneurs can showcase their ideas for projects and receive funding from the public. Indiegogo has successfully helped fund thousands of independent projects, helping to raise millions of dollars from supporters.

Source: Thingk

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