Many people use online ratings and reviews as a way to know which businesses to use. But typically, these subjective ratings have to be taken with a grain of salt. One or two good ratings on a company’s products or services are easy to discount. After all, every business has its share of fans and just as many detractors. But when a longstanding business holds an average rating of 5 stars from its customers, it stands to reason that they are doing something right. For online retailer Kitchen Cabinet Depot, this newly earned reputation is a reflection of the hard work and dedication the company was built on.

In business for the last 35 years, Kitchen Cabinet Depot specializes in Ready To Assemble (RTA) Kitchen Cabinets. These cabinets are similar to the cabinets that would be sold in a home improvement store, but are sold at a fraction of the price, as they come unassembled. The homeowner then has to assemble and hang the cabinets once they are delivered. Ready to assemble furniture, like the items sold at Ikea, is sometimes maligned as too hard for the homeowner to put together. To make this much easier on the customer, Kitchen Cabinet Depot makes help available to customers who buy RTA kitchen cabinets in many different ways.

With more than 150 online reviews, the average review of Kitchen Cabinet Depot still gives 5 stars, with quality, price, and service being mentioned as above standard. Many customers stated they also used the company’s technical support, whether by phone or email, to clarify the installation process. The company’s free shipping on orders over $1500 is another advantage that many consumers were happy about.

“Reviews definitely give customers the confidence they need to make their decisions. Customers often mention that they read the reviews, and that’s why they’re placing their order with us. When they see that our previous customers took the time out of their busy day to tell others about us, it adds value to our products and our customer service,” said Crystal D, a customer service product expert with Kitchen Cabinet Depot.

The company’s RTA kitchen cabinets come in many different colors and styles, including glass fronts. In addition to RTA kitchen cabinets, Kitchen Cabinet Depot also carries bathroom vanities and cabinets.

Source: Kitchen Cabinet Depot

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