An increasing number of panel producers, furniture manufacturers and discerning interior designers are switching to the KLEIBERIT HotCoating® technology, especially for finishing melamine surfaces. The unbeatable adhesion of HotCoating® to melamine surfaces is a requirement for taking advantage of the benefits melamine panels have to offer, such as design variety and price, and for finishing this panel material with an excellent surface in terms of high gloss, depth effect and scratch resistance.

Furniture and building component design especially requires a continuous form without a visible glue line between the surface and the edge. HotCoatiwng Design Edge offers the possibility of seamlessly continuing the high quality HotCoating high gloss surface onto the edge of the substrate. Due to HotCoating’s excellent flexibility, finished melamine surfaces can be shaped in the direct postforming processing.

KLEIBERIT HotCoating Design Edge   Whoever utilizes these panels for furniture and interiors has new possibilities regarding seamless design without a glue line between the surface and edge. In the meantime the direct postforming process is optimized so that even the smallest radius is possible, and the specially developed adhesives from KLEIBERIT are ideal for this process. Traditional high gloss surfaces often reach their limits in this application - on the one hand due to thickness and on the other hand due to the surface which is often crystalline and hard and can hardly be shaped to a small radius without cracking.

The HotCoating high gloss process features:

- Secure adhesion to melamine

- Excellent mirror and depth effect with comparably low coat weight

- Extremely elastic and highly flexible properties of the HotCoating layer

- Best micro-scratch resistance (steel wool type 0) with extremely good shock resistance

These properties are requirements for processing melamine panels finished with HotCoating high gloss in the direct postforming process.

Source: KLEIBERIT Adhesives



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