Herford, Germany - New thinking has a tradition at Poggenpohl (Booth 1825). Shown for the first time in a new walnut veneer at KBIS in Chicago, German premium-kitchen manufacturer Poggenpohl presents +ARTESIO®, a completely new concept designed in collaboration with Hamburg-based star architect and designer Hadi Teherani. Going far beyond the fitted kitchens typically found in the industry, it provides an all-embracing solution in an architectural melting pot fusing furniture design, wall, floor and ceiling. The cabinetry on display is a Walnut veneer finish, with stainless steel countertops and hardware and smooth laminate Alabaster wall paneling.

KBIS 2012: Poggenpohl presents the new +ARTESIO kitchen conceptPoggenpohl established the trend towards the open kitchen many years ago. Looking back, the first step can be seen as the cooking island presented by the company as long ago as 1967 and today almost taken for granted. Featuring different kitchen concepts, multifunctional tables and shelf systems, the years that followed were to produce solutions that all fell under the banner: "The kitchen is moving out into the home."

+ARTESIO® resolutely continues this philosophy and even goes several steps further. Together with Hamburg architect and designer Hadi Teherani, an all-embracing concept was developed in which the aspects of building, architecture, home living and kitchen all coalesce. Bearing the typical Teherani signature, the result is a solution that also builds a visual bridge between cooking and living.

KBIS 2012: Poggenpohl presents the new +ARTESIO kitchen conceptDoing so – and this is also unique and innovative – the concept embraces all three dimensions: from the floor and walls right through to the ceiling. The latter is visually defined by a function arch with its innovative ceiling element that integrates all of the elements necessary for lighting, ventilation and sound. This produces an entirely new feeling of space that is inviting and turns the kitchen into the center of living at home.

Providing the organisational basis for the new kitchen, a design grid of 130 mm brings together louvred wall and base unit in horizontally linear fashion. The uniform style is based on a newly developed carcase that permits identical front and side sections – a unique innovation in kitchen design. And, as a design element, the stainless-steel band that also extends right the way round the reveal-accentuated structure of the walls with their exquisite wooden surfaces underscores the desired, integrative impression.

In this concept, cooking and eating go hand in hand. As such, a dining table, matching chairs, and a corner bench are also available from Poggenpohl for the kitchen. The seating's architectural design reflects the style of the kitchen. Doing so, the horizontally stitched upholstery follows the 130-mm grid of the louvred wall.

With the +ARTESIO® concept designed in collaboration with Hadi Teherani, planning the kitchen doesn't begin once the floor plan has been finalised but ideally starts while the architecture of the building or home is being planned. Yet at the same time, the concept is so flexible, it can also be implemented without a problem in existing kitchen situations.

Source: Poggenpohl

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