Detmold - At this year’s Ligna, Jowat SE as supplier of innovative adhesive systems is presenting the world of bonding at two trade show booths to the woodworking and wood processing industry.

Under the headline “Think differently – better bonding“, new solutions and product novelties are introduced at the main booth B37 in hall 26, and at the focus booth B61, hall 12, where the motto is “Solid wood“. These products offer extra value for the processor and end-user thanks to additional functions, and ensure the best possible and efficient exploitation of the potential for rationalisation inherent in the technology of bonding.

Adhesive manufacturers and processors have to respond to the constantly increasing demands the wood and furniture industry has to meet with regard to the produced goods, processes, ecological and occupational safety. The increasing automation and interlinking of the manufacturing processes in the wood and furniture industry (Industry 4.0) call for adhesive technologies, which are more efficient, reliable, flexible and durable.

This is the background for the creation of the Jowat motto for the trade show year 2015: “think differently – better bonding“.

Jowat SE invites customers, interested visitors and solution partners to join in thinking differently at the Ligna 2015, for even better bonding, today and in the future. “Did you ever think about …?“ will be a question that comes up frequently in the discussions with Jowat representatives concerning new products, innovative bonding technologies and trends in customer applications.

Edgebanding – a tried and proven application on the way to the future

The higher the quality demands on edgebanding, the more frequent the use of moisture-curing PUR hot melt adhesives. A new and patented manufacturing method now allows the PUR hot melts of the series Jowatherm-Reaktant® to be supplied in standard granulate form, which can also be processed on the usual edgebanders on the market, and with application technologies already implemented, under observation of some specific characteristics.

Already sent out on 12th March 2015

More than expected – adhesives with additional functions

Adhesives can do a lot more than just bonding. Sound buffering, permeability and conductivity are only some examples where the technology of bonding achieves additional functions with the respective results due to specific formulations. Adhesives with electrical conductivity for instance allow the construction of furniture which can – via the interface adhesive – be used as source of heat for a more comfortable environment.

Primer – from an adhesion promoter to a multifunctional all-rounder

The new generation of primers today clearly provides more than just the promotion of adhesion between adhesive and adherend. It acts for instance as primary coating for new lacquer and print technologies; when reactive polyurethane adhesives are used it functions as an accelerator for the crosslinking reaction.

Adhesives – from an invisible material to a visible element of function and design

Adhesives, developed to remain as invisible as possible, are used more and more as visible element for design and function: in parquet cosmetics and repair, with UV marker to facilitate and improve quality control in application, and – due to special additives – as adhesive with a “chemical fingerprint“ for a secure traceability of the end products.

Sustainable adhesives – for more environmental compatibility

Examples for a consequent implementation towards sustainable adhesives are the plasticizer-free dispersions from the series Jowacoll® ER for floorcovering materials or Jowatac® solvent-based adhesives of the latest generation with a percentage of over 80 % in renewable raw materials for the manufacture of upholstered furniture.

Especially for load-bearing structural timber applications and solid wood bonding, Jowat SE is focusing on adhesives that lead to higher performance, easier handling and improved quality of the final structural component.

Among these are one-component PUR prepolymers which not only allow utilising a modern, high-performance bonding technology, but which also ensure – by comparison to conventional MUF resins – free of formaldehyde gluelines.

EPI dispersions represent the high-end segment of the world of dispersion adhesives. With superior heat and moisture-resistance characteristics, reaching levels above the durability class D4, EPI dispersions from the product group of Jowacoll® are suitable for many highly demanding applications in solid wood processing.

Interested visitors are invited to come to the two Ligna booths of Jowat SE in hall 26, booth B37 and in hall 12, booth B61.

Source: Jowat SE

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