LaVergne, TN – JET’s new 8” Woodworking Bench Grinder incorporates the latest shop-friendly features and has a rugged cast iron base and motor housing for long life. The benchtop grinder includes two high-quality Norton® wheels: an 80 grit 3X Blue Ceramic Alumina K Grade wheel for coarse grinding and a 100 grit White Aluminum Oxide wheel for finish grinding.

The bench grinder’s slower speed of 1725 rpm makes it ideal for sharpening and honing a variety of woodworking tools including chisels, gouges and knives, but can also be drafted to sharpen drill bits, other cutting tools and an array of household items. The grinder’s slower speed maintains the tool’s temper during sharpening, which leads to improved edge retention.

The JET bench grinder includes oversized tool rests with integrated angle indicators that have 45° of travel and a scale that has a 1° resolution. Inscribed reference lines assist in positioning tools accurately to the wheel. Clear-view, adjustable, oversized protective shields deflect dust and sparks. The grinder also features high quality, cast iron wheel covers with built-in spark arrestors for added safety and durability.

The single-speed benchtop grinder is driven by a ½ hp, 115V single-phase induction motor. The two 8” wheels have a 1” width and a 5/8” arbor.

The JET 8” Woodworking Bench Grinder is covered by a 5-year warranty, as well as JET’s RED AssuranceTM, the industry’s most dependable service and support guarantee program.

The JET 8” Woodworking Bench Grinder (726100, $329.99) is expected to be available in September. To locate a dealer, visit

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