KLAMATH FALLS, Ore.– JELD-WEN, inc. is proud to introduce the W-2500, the newest in its wood window line-up. The W-2500 line will be available in late January 2013 and will first be seen at the National Association of Home Builders International Builders Show Jan. 22-24 in Las Vegas.

JELD-WEN Launches New Wood Window Line New thermal requirements continually challenge manufacturers to stay current with energy efficient standards. JELD-WEN saw this challenge as an opportunity to engineer a beautiful, amenity-rich and affordable clad-wood window line that provides a variety of ENERGY STAR choices in all climate zones.

With more homeowners looking for ways to save energy—and money—in building and remodeling projects, energy efficient windows are increasingly in demand. The W-2500 window will meet ENERGY STAR criteria in all four climate zones in the U.S.* It even accomplishes this feat without a pricey upgrade to more expensive glass packages in the northern zone.

“Our engineers examined every aspect of the window and developed a variety of innovative enhancements that improve energy efficiency,” said Director of Product Marketing Elizabeth Souders. “JELD-WEN is focused on investing in developing industry leading products. We look forward to continuing this investment in 2013. This is the first of many exciting window enhancements from JELD-WEN.”

Developing smarter “thermal breaks”—the insulating barriers between the inside and outside of a frame, intentionally designed to limit the transfer of hot and cold —were crucial in the genesis of the new line. The multi-chamber sill and the vinyl extrusion thermal break are two of the enhancements on the double-hung. The casement boasts more wood in the frame, utilizes an improved sill thermal break and a recessed sash that moves the glass plane to help reduce heat and cold transfer.

JELD-WEN Launches New Wood Window Line In addition to being energy efficient, the W-2500 is also durable. Built with JELD-WEN’s proprietary AuraLast® Wood, the W-2500 comes with an industry leading 20-year guarantee against wood rot.

“This window started with a focus on energy efficiency but has grown into much more,” stated Souders. “The W-2500 provides a beautiful wood window in our most popular options at an affordable price.”

A few of those popular options include:

*seven exterior clad colors

*three exterior trim options

*five stain colors, four paint options, primed, clear lacquer or natural wood interior

*seven hardware finish options

*FSC or SFI options

Affordability, energy efficiency and flexible options would be enough for any new product to make a grand debut, but JELD-WEN didn’t stop there. The W-2500 focuses on attention to detail. For example, the casement features color-matched weatherstripping for a cohesive appearance and a dual-arm operator for long lasting, smooth, reliable performance.

Details of the double-hung include two sash options, the Standard and Traditional. The Standard sash option provides a more contemporary look with clean, sleek lines and increased daylight opening. The Traditional sash provides more substantial wood components, custom sizes and details like a taller bottom rail.

“This truly is an outstanding combination of energy efficiency, flexibility in options and durability backed up by the warranty,” Souders added, “The W-2500 is available in a complete line-up of operating types, focused on fitting into most any budget.”

*ENERGY STAR criteria are achieved in North, North Central and South Central climate zones with the standard glass package of Low-E270 with argon, and in the Southern zone when grilles are used. Without grilles, Southern zone ENERGY STAR criteria are achieved with Low-E366 and argon.

Source: JELD-WEN


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