Los Angeles – J. Robert Scott, the international furniture and textile manufacturer founded in 1972 by Hall-of-Fame designer Sally Sirkin Lewis celebrates its 40th Anniversary this year.

As an interior designer in the early 70’s, Ms. Lewis sought to provide her clients with exceptional, well made, contemporary pieces that complimented the setting, however she was unable to find pieces with the style and quality she wanted. Her solution was to enlist a small group of talented craftsmen to execute the designs she had envisioned. This collaboration was the genesis of the brand she called J. Robert Scott. An amalgam of her children’s names, which had the unexpected attribute of positioning the company well in a predominantly male dominated field. In September 1972, Sally Sirkin Lewis was the first woman to open a showroom on Melrose Avenue in the West Hollywood design district. In fact Ms. Lewis was the first woman ever to open a wholesale “to the trade” showroom in the United States.

J. Robert Scott Celebrates 40 Years Creating American FurnitureMs. Lewis’ design style was a departure from what was typically found in most showrooms, and the mass market manufacturing concerns of the 70’s. She wanted to accentuate the wood grain, not cover it. Pale tones and textures were her tools, and in her room settings the sense of space was accomplished with minimal furniture, placed in relationship with the architecture. For Ms. Lewis, art is an essential element, and she always selects unusual works of art from around the world. This fresh approach in the world of interior design became known as “California Design”. Ms. Lewis was the first woman designer to manufacture her own line of furniture. During her more than four decades, as a “hands on” designer-manufacturer, Ms. Lewis has nurtured the artisanal nature in the manufacturing of her furnishings. The traditional methods of construction and craftsmanship are seen in every area of the 70,000 square foot factory in Los Angeles, California. Detailed design features, and flawless finishes become reality in the hands of J. Robert Scott’s dedicated artists, many of whom have been with the company for more than 20 years.

Inspired from an early age by fabrics and later by couture fashion, Ms. Lewis was determined to translate her appreciation of couture construction and intricate dressmaking detail in her upholstery designs. In fact, many of the fabric qualities and supple leathers are couture quality textiles used in upholstery applications. The company is known for its wide selection of hand-woven silks, silk mohairs, chenilles, fine wools, and rich textural weaves in the most soothing neutral palettes, as well as beautiful colors that serve as punctuation for the interior environment.

Throughout her career Sally Sirkin Lewis has never followed the trend. She creates furniture without embellishments that would distract from the pure beauty of the material, and simplicity of the design. She is firmly established as a pioneer in the interior and furniture design community, with more than 150 U.S. Design Patents granted to her for her work. In fall 2010, Ms. Lewis introduced a ground breaking concept in furniture finishing called Ombré, based on the notion that a transparent gradient effect of seamless color from light to dark can be achieved on wood veneer. The Ombré process evolved over the course of several years with constant experimentation. Just as each veneer has individual characteristics of grain and structure, each one responds differently to the application of the wood tone dye, some more dramatically than others. The resulting furniture is as individual as a fingerprint, and signed by the designer. For those who want bespoke furnishings that will not be duplicated, Ombré veneer is truly an innovation in luxury furniture manufacturing. A provisional U.S. Utility Patent has been granted from the U.S. Office of Patent and Trademark for the Ombré process.

As J. Robert Scott, and Sally Sirkin Lewis the company’s President and Founder head toward the 40 year anniversary, the American-made luxury furniture brand is proud of its rich heritage of excellence and respect for the craft of fine furniture building. Longevity in the design world is only possible with a steadfast commitment to the highest quality products. Elegant, comfortable contemporary designs that resonate with today’s lifestyles for those people who recognize the value in investing in exquisitely constructed fine furniture. Furniture designed by Sally Sirkin Lewis for J. Robert Scott promises years of enjoyment, and appreciation in fact, like artwork, these are the heirlooms that will be treasured for generations to come.

Source: J. Robert Scott, Inc.

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