Functional movement systems for puristic furniture: GRASS will be providing ideal solutions to current furniture making questions at this year’s interzum in hall 7.1, stand E20/E21. Focusing on the trendsetting topics of minimalism, segmentation and indi-vidualisation has resulted in Nova Pro Scala, Tiomos M0 and Tavinea 91, outstanding functional solutions that perfectly aug-ment the previous GRASS portfolio and open up completely new styling and differentiation options for designers.

GRASS product developers know exactly what characterises furniture making of the future. Driven as always by a passion and a desire to pro-vide unique comfort and design for furniture, this successful partner to the furniture industry develops solutions that set new standards in life-style trends.

This year the company is placing the emphasis on minimalist product design that simultaneously incorporates a wide range of a customisation options, thus addressing the needs of contemporary furniture makers. In addition, the company invites visitors to immerse themselves in the comprehensive product and brand world of GRASS with its many innova-tions, product differentiations and extensions, all created in accordance with the same principles. GRASS chairman Ronald Weber explains the company’s product philosophy: "To us, good product design means that processors get everything they need to put their ideas into practice. Everything, and nothing less."

At this year's interzum, GRASS will be fascinating its customers with three product innovations in the areas of drawer, interior accessory and hinge systems. In addition, the designer drawer Vionaro will continue to be a centrepiece of the company’s award-winning and traditionally out-standing trade fair presentation.

Nova Pro Scala – the most modern drawer system of its time

With Nova Pro Scala, GRASS is presenting a new highlight in the double-wall drawer system sector, and once more proving that its successful double-wall drawer systems not only set a high standard with regard to functionality, comfort and quality, but have also arrived in the future when it comes to design. The modular comprehensive drawer system provides a harmoniously coordinated range and creates completely new styling and differentiation options. These include the drawer solution, a flush-fitting railing version, a high drawer side of 186 mm and a unique glass panel version. The generously proportioned glass panel is an abso-lute world first – to expand the scope for creative ideas to a maximum, GRASS developers have reduced the space used to house the technical components to the minimum conceivable height of 41 mm. Combined with designer panels in solid wood that can be subsequently attached to the drawer side, this is a unique brand product that complies exactly with foreseeable trends towards understated styling and individualisation.

Vionaro – the state-of-the-art drawer system

The requirements that manufacturers expect drawer systems to meet are as varied as the designs of modern furniture or kitchens. While some customers place their trust in double-wall slide systems that have been tried and tested over many years, others prefer to use concealed slide systems that in recent years have proved to be a true alternative. In order to be able to offer all customers the best system, GRASS has al-ways been committed to driving forward the development of both prod-uct categories.

At interzum 2013, the product developers were able to present the cubist drawer system Vionaro, a design solution based on a concealed slide that remains unparalleled to this day, and has now been used for countless applications in living rooms, kitchens and bathrooms around the world. This comprehensive system, with its slender 13 millimetre drawer side, won the coveted Red Dot Award in 2014. It is based on the proven Dynapro concealed slide system, which has been sold millions of times over and also won the internationally recognised design prize in 2010. This year GRASS will be presenting the full range, which has been extended by a number of versions since its launch two years ago.

Extension of the Tiomos family for mirror, glass and slim-line doors: Tiomos M0 moves thin, heavy materials with ease

GRASS responds to the need for hinges to suit particularly slim furniture doors with ideal product solutions. Back in 2013, GRASS launched the Tiomos Mirro and M9 for glass and mirror doors as well as slim wooden doors or for four-sided mitre applications. Since then, these products have been providing the high-tech functionality of Tiomos for particularly demanding door applications in living rooms and bathrooms.

This year the extension of this product family will be launched in Co-logne with Tiomos M0, ideal for very thin and heavy materials such as stone panels, Corian or aluminium. Tiomos M0 is very easy to install and has a simple screw connection with no need for a cup hole, therefore enabling the use of material thicknesses of 6 to 10 mm. The tool-free damper setting ensures smooth closing, irrespective of the door size and weight. With its perfect movement, permanent stability is guaranteed in any position.

Timeless design object and unique organising system: Tavinea 91 is a combination of both

Tavinea 91 is able to create a wide variety of options with only a few standard elements – focusing on perfect functionality without neglecting style. The puristic principle is also evident in this product, in which the number 91 stands for the calculated ideal distance in millimetres between the individual organising elements. With either a horizontal, vertical or diagonal arrangement, Tavinea 91 turns any drawer into a small, individual work of art. The diagonal organisational structure at an angle of 45° not only looks particularly stylish, it also provides the optimum ergonomic conditions for removing stored articles. In addition, the re-quired storage space can be proportioned exactly with versatile inserts. Tavinea 91 therefore adapts to the drawer contents, not the other way around.

"We want to let visitors experience how the design and functionality of high-quality movement and organising systems can influence the overall appearance of contemporary furniture," comments Ronald Weber.

In which direction is design developing in furniture making, and what is the influence of lightweight design?

This was the question that GRASS investigated together with the re-nowned designer Herbert H. Schultes and university professor Fritz Frenkler from the Technische Universität München. The result is a partic-ipatory paper that attempts to describe, visualise and evaluate the de-velopments in our product world. It can be said that the willingness to save volume and weight when developing new products is increasing significantly. This applies in particular to furniture making. The influence of lightweight design will continue to gain in importance in the near fu-ture, and the requirements to be met by movement systems will change and grow. GRASS has already reacted to this trend towards lightweight design, as the selection of particularly slim forms and light materials often goes hand in hand with contemporary furniture design. Visitors to the GRASS trade fair stand in Cologne will find inspiration in the light-weight design sector in a special area dedicated to this topic, and will be able to enjoy a hands-on experience with products such as mirror, glass or slim door hinges as well as newly developed front connections for slim drawer fronts.

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