Schattdecor can look back on an unusually successful showing at this year's Interzum, where in line with the company's future-oriented trend concept for 2013/2014 a booth team comprising Design, Corporate Communications and Sales executives presented new decor ideas and visions between 13 and 16.

Located in Hall 6, Schattdecor's main booth made an expansive and inviting impression, while its Digital VISIONS showcase in Hall 4.2 took a more innovative and creative approach. Visionary and forward-looking products were exhibited by the company at the Piazza in Hall 6, where PURLine eco flooring in the decor Greenworld and chairs and benches faced in other digital-print decor designs and provided a Smartfoil finish addressed the five senses.

In the Innovation of Interior section of Hall 4.2, Schattdecor's new digital VISIONS decors had designers and interior and commercial decorators particularly impressed. Here the company showcased some 120 digital-print decors altogether, whether in actual form or at its new website, where information can be found on the creative diversity of Schattdecor's digital decor printing around the clock and all over the world.

At its main booth Schattdecor attracted greatest attention with presentation of decor visions, with light-up foil, the 37° decor and warm-up foil providing an exciting opening into the question of what else decors will be capable of in the future in addition to providing visual and tactile realism. Schattdecor presented its answers in the form of a Postfoil that is capable of heating up the air around it and a Smartfoil that glows in the dark as well as one that gets darker or lighter depending on the ambient temperature. Ideas that seemed pure fancy at first soon revealed themselves to be opening up new dimensions in the use of furniture surfaces. Schattdecor regards such exploratory work as part of its role as market leader, as proved by its pioneering efforts in the digital-print decor field. Innovations and visions for the future are also encompassed in its Made by Schattdecor quality strategy.

Fashioned out of the bespoke decor Sanremo Oak in a fascinating facetted look, the outer perimeter of Schattdecor's main Interzum booth not only demonstrated the company's mastery of registered embossing but also showed that it is fully conversant with the latest decor themes, eliciting the praise and admiration of many interior decorators and designers. The interior of the main booth was predominated by Canyon Italica Oak, a bespoke flooring decor in the new Cracked Oak look with unusually wide and long planking and a textured embossed surface. Further register embossed decors such as the striking Avalon Pine in the 'longing for COMFORT' trend area further underscored the market leader's expertise in capturing new trends in the service of its customers.

In line with the current trend towards furniture surfaces with an ultrarealistic appearance, the Thansau foil specialist also unveiled its new Smartfoil CP+ collection – five decors in exclusive colourways and offering a crystal-clear print image for a consummate natural look.

Customers and guests also praised the perfect presentation of over 100 furniture decors and 30 flooring decors in the three trend spaces of the main booth. The design team headed by Claudia Küchen had once again demonstrated its proficiency in wielding dependable trend research tools by coming up with themes provided such thought-provoking titles as 'Ready for PROGRESS?', 'Isn't it POETRY?' and 'Longing for COMFORT?'. Yet conducting research is one thing; being able to translate findings on textures, colours and surface finishes in a contemporary and effective way is another. Mastery of both reflects not only expertise but also a sure touch and a profound understanding of decors, colour and space. The many small and large decor highlights – whether in woodgrain, stone, abstract designs or Unique Colours key solids, whether for furniture or flooring use, produced in rotogravure or digital inkjet printing or provided a foil or melamine coating – bore witness to the creative prowess of a company that makes sure to regularly participate in the Interzum as a representative of its branch.

­­­­­­The new decors, trends, innovations and visions placed on show were rounded off not only by communication of the motto of the company's showing – "We make decors successful" – as expressed in international adverts from Schattdecor's latest campaign but also by a touchscreen monitor providing information on Schattdecor's worldwide production facilities and sales offices and its extensive product and service expertise.

A particular highlight of the company's Interzum showing was its booth party, which over 800 guests attended. CEO Reiner Schulz welcomed them with the words, "This evening we are celebrating 20 years of Schattdecor in Poland, and we are very pleased to have you here as our guests". The well-oiled Schattoria catering team kept guests and customers plied with refreshments not only during the party but also throughout the trade show.

A stir was caused by the joint action undertaken by Schattdecor, Hornschuch and Kaindl against a Polish company exhibiting copies of Sonoma Oak and Sanremo Oak at its booth. In the case of Sonoma Oak, Schattdecor had already lent Hornschuch support in the respective judicial dispute late last year. Meanwhile, Kaindl had been successful in asserting its registered design rights and was thus enable to enforce removal of the Polish copy of Sanremo Oak during the show. All three companies stated announcement of their joint position in this matter at a press conference scheduled for early June in Thansau.

At the end of their successful showing, the company's executives were unanimous in their opinion that the presentation of new decors, product innovations and visions in the two-year rhythm of the Interzum not only fits in perfectly with Schattdecor's product and innovation strategy, but is also to be consistently pursued in future.

The new decors, product innovations and visions showcased at the Interzum will also be displayed at smaller fairs in showings geared to the country in question. At the same time, Schattdecor will also be stepping up its efforts to address direct and indirect customers at various types of events.

Source: Schattdecor AG

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