Colours, materials, functions: it’s often the detail that makes them special. By continuously improving and expanding its proven movement systems, GRASS is able to offer customers greater scope for creative design. At interzum 2013, GRASS will be presenting new versions of many of its products. And also inspiring the market with trendy colours, solutions for tricky installation requirements and options for enhanced safety.

Virtually every product family in the comprehensive GRASS range boasts new additions. In the two years since the last interzum, the movement system specialist has worked relentlessly on fine-tuning the product portfolio. And that’s why GRASS will be able to showcase an impressive spectrum of new products as well as upgrades and further developments at this year’s top international trade fair in Cologne. Product range extensions of this kind provide an ever-growing choice of colours and materials as well as enabling the use of successfully proven movement systems in non-standard situations with special requirements.

All new developments are subject to the highest quality standards and are expected to meet the high demands that GRASS sets for its products in terms of functionality and tasteful design. This is why the company’s designers and product developers experimented with particular colours and materials. As a result, furniture manufacturers and designers are able to push the envelope further and further when creating their own products and can use the premium movement systems consistently throughout all their furniture lines, however individual those may be.

Double-wall drawer systems in new design versions

The drawer systems feature a host of additions which make the products more versatile than ever. Different colour options, materials, design lines and shapes, supplemented by a wide range of top-quality add-on and organising systems – all harmoniously coordinated – are the ingredients for individuality, comfort and stylish living. GRASS has now expanded this variety to include a top-class add-on system for glass –part of the DWD XP full-range drawer programme – which can be used in countless applications. In other words, wherever the elegant aesthetics of glass is a design requirement.

The material glass is also behind another addition to the Nova Pro drawer system. The glass option Nova Pro Crystal is now available for the Nova Pro Classic drawer side. The Nova Pro slide ensures stable yet easy movement and is the ideal choice for handle-free opening and closing with the innovative comfort systems from GRASS. Sheer elegance is also the hallmark of new inset drawer which can take glass elements on three sides.

Stylish black is the colour that inspired the new shade option Nova Pro Night. Anyone who enjoys playing around with materials should take a closer look at Duowing for Nova Pro. The attractive double-wall metal add-on simply slides on over the railing and can be used for both Nova Pro Classic and Nova Pro Deluxe.

Dynapro concealed slide now with integrated Tipmatic

GRASS has also come up with some new ideas for the concealed slide system Dynapro. As far as full extensions are concerned, Dynapro is already the top mover with mechanical synchronisation of the individual slides ensuring a smooth glide without any disturbing noise or friction.

Even high loads have no impact on the outstanding running characteristics of Dynapro. GRASS has now optimally combined the almost unlimited versatility of the Dynapro system with the touch-activated opening mechanism Tipmatic by incorporating it in the slide beneath the drawer. As a result, no additional assembly and no extra space are required. The system is based on a modular design. The user is free to choose whether to use Tipmatic with or without synchronisation as the synchronisation mechanism permits simple, tool-free retrofitting. Synchronisation is recommended for drawer widths of 700 mm and above to ensure activation at virtually any point on the front of extra-wide drawers.

An entirely new option is the floor mounting of Dynapro. Whether for pull-out shelves or special waste sorting systems without drawers, Dynapro is the slide of choice for every application.

New functions and colours for the Tiomos hinge generation

GRASS is continually expanding its Tiomos portfolio to address applications which are far from commonplace. A Tiomos version with 120° opening angle reduction clip and integrated damper is now part of the range – just one example of an option that is currently unique in the market. For door thicknesses up to 27 mm, GRASS offers a Tiomos 90˚ hinge. Furniture makers can look forward to creating even greater colour harmony in their product lines as GRASS is now offering Tiomos in additional colours. This means the hinge can either provide a striking contrast or subtly blend in with the furniture design.

To prevent the Tiomos hinge from being inadvertently released from the mounting plate, GRASS is now introducing an additional protection feature. This consists of a small plastic clip which is simply inserted at the end of the hinge to lock it in place. The clip can be conveniently removed by means of a screwdriver and ensures that everything remains securely seated. With the protection clip, the risk of the hinge being accidentally separated from the mounting plate – for example by children playing with the cabinet – now becomes a thing of the past.

The changes made to existing products from GRASS may sometimes seem minor at first glance. And yet they play a major role in signify-cantly expanding the application range for these premium movement systems. Fine-tuning the portfolio to ensure it continues to cover broad-based uses in the future is all part of the GRASS philosophy.

GRASS GmbH Movement Systems

A globally successful group of companies, a fresh brand with tradition and an extraordinary diversity of perspectives – that’s GRASS in a nutshell. With sales revenues of 299 million euros in the financial year 2012, approximately 1,700 employees at 18 locations and more than 200 distributors in 60 countries, GRASS ranks among the world’s leading specialists in movement systems. As development partner and systems supplier to the furniture industry, GRASS has been creating products and services which inspire its customers for more than 65 years. GRASS slide and drawer systems, hinge, flap and corner cabinet systems are brand-name products that move the furniture of prestigious brands.

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